Physical Therapy- Does it work?

Ive had low lumbar back pain for at least 4 years—- Been to Spine Doctors saying I have- Intervertebral disc degeneration,Arthritis,spondylosis in lumbar region.

I’ve had trigger point shots done, spinal block, nerves burned on both sides of my back, and now 2nd go around with Physical Therapy. I’ve been going now for over 2 months with him saying I have very tight muscles and inflammation in my back which hurts when he works on my back! I am under some stress which I’m trying to get under control— but with my lower back in pain in the lower area and will run up to my mid back, Therapy helps some—- how long do you keep it up? I go also to a Pain Management who helps with pain meds that do help some, but again how long do you stay on them? What other Doctor could I go see that would help with me? I’m a 55 year old woman  what’s it going to be like when I’m 65 ? No one likes to live like this with pain all the time!



  • PT has been helpful to me many times.  When you say "does it work"? I wonder what your expectations are?

    For me, I've either am recovering from surgery, and I'm given exercises to do that will help strengthen specific muscle groups (after knee surgery, and most recently, following lumbar spinal fusion). The therapist has also massaged me- but it has felt good. Sore sometimes, but NOT a clenching, hurtful pain. 

    Are you doing the exercises that you've been shown?  Usually, you're expected to perform them 1-2x aday. They should be helpful! 

    Also, have you had open communication with the therapist to let him/her know that what they're doing is painful? 

    I've stopped PT after 6 weeks, but continue to do the exercises on my own. 

  • My Therapist keeps saying that my back is tight and inflamed—— what about my spine and still in pain, is this something I have to just deal with ? Im almost at the end of things to do—- or do I keep doing the things that I am doing but my goodness for how long?

    Hate to know that this is something that I’m just going to have to live with, others do all the time

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