Husband and pain pills

Back pain for 4 years been going to a Pain Management Clinic to help with my pain. I take 7.5/325 Hydrocodone 2x day try to save them for night when pain is at its worst.

My husband hates pain pills and don’t want me taking them, I do not abuse them and the clinic always monitors you as well. Been sneaking behind his back to the clinic just so he won’t know( hate doing that) just so I can keep my pain under control. Since he don’t know, he would of never of known I was taking them—— so keep quiet or tell?  He doesn’t have to live with the pain!



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    Your right he doesn't have to live with the pain the best thing you can do is have him read some of the posts on this website and see what people have to deal with on a day to day basis. I just find it inconceivable that you have to sneak your pain pills i know he probably means the best but he doesn't have to deal with the pain day after day I will just leave it at that.

  • If your husband doesn't understand the pain you are in, perhaps he should go to the doctor with you so the physician can explain it to him.  Sneaking around is no way to live.

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  • Thank you for responding—— my husband has gone with me to have injections done, and see days that I cry in pain. With all that’s going on the news about Opioids he will turn to me and say, See how bad it is? I just roll my eyes! If I abuse them they wouldn’t let me have them!

  • I had so many mixed emotions cross my mind when I read your post. My husband has been deceased for almost three years now, rest his soul. But, he was a very manipulating and controlling man. It was his way or no way. I feel so much empathy for you that you have to not only hide your pain medication, but go to a doctor. My pain was three fold the time I was married to him because I held anger inside due to the fact I would have to sneak around for the most simple and important things for my life for the sake of peace. Inward anger actually caused my stress level to rise which in turn affected my pain level. I talked to a doctor who told me this was proven facts. My advise would be to take a look at the long term effects you might endure as too what a moment of truth would cost you. God bless you. 

  • Kmoon - there's a pain news network site that publishes writings and articles about and from chronic pain patients.  Might help, if your husb is open to reading about the other side of the opioid "crisis".  Other than that, depends on which causes more stress for you, to be open or to keep the peace.  You pay the price for either.  I know where you're coming from.  Good Luck.

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  • Thank you all—- to give you a background insight to his family and pills—- his own mother kept pain meds away from his father when he had shingles!! We all have heard how painful those are, bless his heart!

    Afraid if I do tell him he’s going to be questioning me why did I sneak or lie——-making me look guilty like I wanted them. 

    There’s a difference between wanting and needing the meds! Wish he could look at it that way.

    I’ve always want to be honest, but say if taking one on this one night, yes I dosed off while in bed he would nudge me saying you fell asleep—- yeah, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? He himself won’t hardly even take 2 Ibuprofens saying that they are bad for your liver- but told him that’s for those who takes hand fulls of them for years not for just here or there, drives me crazy!

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    There’s a difference between wanting and needing the meds! Wish he could look at it that way.
    You’ll never convince him you “need” the meds. He’ll insist you “want” them. Trust me. Until and unless he has a significant enough chronic pain problem himself  you’ll never be able to get him on your side.
  • Based on what you're saying about your husband, I believe L4_L5 is spot on.  I sincerely hope he can change his attitude for your sake.

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