He L4-L5 discectomy and having worse sciatic pain now

hi, I’m new here.

I have had sciatic pain for several years which became worse in the last couple years where I would get more frequent and longer flare up’s. 

Long story short.... in September 2017 I had a very painful flare up that last a couple weeks. Just the sciatic pain in my back. Everyone told me I should try a chiropractor. I was desperate, so I did. He adjusted me for the 3rd time and I walked out of his office and fell to the ground. My entire left leg was completely numb. I went in my car and cried and called my primary dr. He ordered and mri and it showed a large disc herniation. He told me to do PT. I did with zero success. Numbness and weakness was always there but my pain in my back was getting better. Due to the numbness in my leg, in January 2018, I bent over and my left knee dislocated which resultered in knee surgery. He sent me to the NS and he wanted me to do the discectomy. I got it today and my sciatic back pain is so severe now. Is this normal? What is happening 

Thank you 



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    hi erin1983
    Welcome to Veritas Health Forum

    you had a discectomy today? are you home? have you discussed this pain with your surgeon?
    you left out a lot of details above, more information could help with more replies.

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  • Yes I had it yesterday. What kind of info are you looking for? I’m new at this. I wrote that in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. Lol

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  • I am home, it was a day surgery. I have not discussed with my doctor since it really flared up last night. But this pain is so intense it brings me to tear every time I move. I am taking Norco every 4 hours and a mustle relaxer Robaxin only twice a day.  This is much worse pain then I have ever felt. Please, tell me this is normal. And that I didn’t reherniate the disc some how 

  • I would call your surgeon first thing tomorrow. It’s impossible for anyone on the forum to know why you are having such strong pain. It would be pure speculation on the part of anyone (including a doctor) without any new imaging.

  • Hi erin1983

    Just wondering how you are feeling today.

    Have you spoken to your surgeon yet?  Any extreme pain should be checked with your surgeon to make sure that is what was expected with your long standing condition.

    When a nerve is trapped over a long period of time it does not like it.  Unfortunately it can cause a lot of pain post surgery with some people, if it has been trapped for a long time.  It is always best to check with your surgeon about pain and pain relief levels given.  I could not see any details of medication or levels in your post, so not sure what you have been given.

    Here is a link that may be helpful to you.

    Recovery, the most important phase

    Take care


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  • They have me taking Norco every 4 hours and 750 mg of robaxin 3x’s a day. I just can’t move. It’s terrible

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    @erin1983 I feel for you. When they did the discectomy, they removed the part of the disc that is bulging, but not necessarily impinging the nerve. It is also possible the nerve was altered during the procedure. Not saying that as fact, but rather, a possibility. My ultimate question (or question you may want to ask your surgeon) is "Why was the disc bulging in the first place, and what can we do to fix that reason?". 

    I really do feel for you. I had sciatica for over two years and understand the struggles. Hang in there. Let's get you some answers! 

  • I’m back. It has been 4 days since my micro discectomy and I’m still in an enormous amount of pain if I make the slightest move. Is this normal? It is the sciatic pain through my back and shoots to my hip and leg. I only move when I have to go to the bathroom and that takes me a long time to get up and go. Any move sends me into a shock and makes me cry. Please tell me if this is normal 


  • Erin - I’m sorry to hear that you are in such pain and no you need to call the surgeon in the morning, as L4_L5 said, they will need to get nee images/MRI of your back. Until that happens, it would be a guess as to what is going on.  Keep us posted 


  • Hello Erin,

    Sorry to hear the new symptoms you are having.  I had a microdiscectomy l4-l5 on 3/9/18.  I did have some increased sciatic pain following the surgery as well.  I contacted my surgeon after around 4 days, my surgeon said this does happen sometimes due to swelling from the surgery and irritation to the nerve from the surgery.  I was put on a steroid for 6 days which on the 6th day did start to help ease the sciatic pain.  I am now in minimal pain most of the day. Contact your surgeon to see what they recommend. Don’t loose hope and GOOD LUCK!

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