Possible Failed Fusion again

Good afternoon everyone:

In 2015, I had a posterior spinal fusion. By late 2015, it was discovered it had failed. I finally underwent a revision fusion in early 2017. I have been experiencing some severe pain and a recent CT scan has shown that I do not have a full fusion this time either. I've developed Pseudoarthrosis TWICE.

What are the chances that this could occur? Has anyone ever undergone this as well?



  • @nutcase007 I'll answer to the best of my ability. I've never smoked. I do not drink alcohol. I do not have diabetes. I did not use any NSAIDS. This is true for both surgeries. The first surgery was a PLIF. Bone was taken from my Iliac Crest only for the graft. The 2nd surgery (the revision surgery) was an ALIF. In that surgery allograft and autograft were both used. A small amount of bone morphogenic protein was used as well. I'm not certain the 2nd fusion has failed but the CT-Scan does not show any COMPLETE fusion from S1 to L5 with the exception of a very small fused part which appears to have a crack in it. The majority of the fusion appears to have not completed. Thank you for your questions.

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