9 months in pain

Hi im a 22 year old guy, and injured my back about 9 months ago, when i was lifting with pretty bad technique. Since then i've had pain mostly in the lower right side of my back, but sometimes the pain occurs in my left side too. I've never had pain shooting down my legs. The pain is bareable until i start bending to much or lifting heavy things, then it comes back strong! And stays around for a day or two. Although usually when i wake up in the morning, the pain seems to be gone, but always returns within a few hours.

I have seen 2 physical therapists and they gave me some good exercises, when i finish doing them, the pain seems to dissapear for about 1 hour, only to return. What could that be?

I used to train mma 5 days a week, it was my great passion, but i stopped since the pain is to much, i hope someone can help and i hope you guys are well on your way to your recovery. :)



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    trying to guess what could be causing your back pain is not the best thing to do. you need to see a doctor that can tell you what the cause is or run diagnostic test to be sure. 
    i do hope it is not anything serious.
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