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Hi guys, so about a year ago i had my first back injury. Stress Fracture L4/L5 region. Did Therapy and Yoga to help my back recover. although those do help with pain and tightness, i have the weirdest thing going on with my back and hips. I try to describe to everyone whats going on and they just give me this dumbfounded look. I will try to explain it as best as I can, and hope you guys have a similar thing going on.  

Throughout the day 24/7 I have these weird urges where i need to bend or move my body a certain way in order to stretch that spot that needs to be stretched or so to speak. Again, it does not feel like a tight muscle at all, i know what a tight muscle feels like and it doesnt feel anything like it. These urges go on 24/7, If i dont bend my body how to needs to be bent or move, I get very aggravated and extremely ticked off, if i try resisting the urge it just builds up to the point where I absolutely have to do it again. I also do Yoga and as soon as im done with Yoga, the urges continue. These Urges happen all over my body. ( In between my legs, so i constantly have to go into frog stretch position, my Neck and shoulder area, and my low back)  These Urges become worse right after exercise, and sometimes so severe where it really disrupts my sleep. This began when i injured my back. a year ago.

I tried explaining whats going on as thoroughly as possible, its very hard to describe. Any of you guys have experienced this or know what im talking about?? Please help me as i try doing so much research on it and cant find anything. 

Thank you so much.



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    Any trauma to the back can start a whole host of neurological  symptoms, curious did you discuss this with your primary I would probably want to rule out any issues around where you injured your back just to make sure there isn't any lingering damage. It may not be enough for him to order an MRI but it would probably be the first place I would look. Your symptoms sound strikingly familiar to my wife's restless leg syndrome.

  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654

    Are you hydrating properly? Are you breathing properly using your diaphragm? When you're not doing yoga, what is your activity level? Try to stay mobile through the day (along with the first two things). Remember, muscles need movement. It is the main way they thrive and survive. Not getting enough movement and your muscles will begin to tell you by sending impulses forcing you to move. Perhaps eventually they will give up and forget their intended purpose. You don't want to get to that point. 

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  • barbie2016bbarbie2016 washington statePosts: 53

    I get those feelings but not in my back. I feel it all over.  My back will hurt a bit but can't get comfortable.  I don't stretch though 

  • barbie2016bbarbie2016 washington statePosts: 53

    I also am on requip for rls

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