L5-S1 Herniated disc | 18 Years Old

Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old High School student suffering from a herniated disc. I have an upcoming Microdisectomy on March 30th and I am not sure what to expect. As being a soon to be college student, I had big plans for this upcoming summer with friends before we part away for college ie. Cedar Point, Boat rides, tubing, trail riding and more. My doctor is confident that in 8 weeks I will be back to working out and doing daily activities. My doctor claims he has similar patients like me go straight back to football and other collision sports. I am unsure what to expect, your feedback would be appreciated. 

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  • @jackholman24 hey man, I had the same surgery 9 weeks ago and in no way am I going to be back working out or doing those things for many more months. Everyone is different and procedures to differ, but generally, this kinda surgery is intense. It can be anywhere from 3 months to a year before you go back to strenuous activities like those. Your back is brittle and needs rest and recovery, or you risk the potential to hurt yourself worse. Plan on a slow recovery and use it to your advantage. It's worth it to take care of yourself after something like this

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    hi jackholman24

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    hoping your surgery went to plan and you are recovering well?

    i was given a sheet from the physiotherapist who came to see me at the hospital.  as @jaredlambert99 says your back will time for recovery and you need to follow the advice given by your team about walking and exercises.  walking normally starts as soon as you are able, but little and often around the house for the first few days, until you know your limits and can progress.  i was sent home with a few little exercises to do on the bed but the full physio exercises came later, after about a month from memory.

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