TENS......and spinal cord stimulators

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Well, I've been using the tens since yesterday for my back pain.  Not a noticeable difference. Oh, it feels good, but I still can't stand up without my back hurting.

Does it take a few days to work?  I still had to take a Tramadol today.....I don't know how to describe it, but when it gets bad..the pain isn't that bad, 

I just get "antsy" and can't stand it.  really a puzzle to me as I have never read anything about that particular symptom.

I have an appointment with the Dr. to see about a trial of SCS.  That might work better as it's nearer the spine where my pain is.  

I'll keep wearing it thought to get used to the tingling I might feel with the SCS.  



  • @barbie2016 when did you have your surgery?

  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340


    So the real question is what to expect from TENS.  From my experience, TENS works to help relieve the pain from muscle spasms or knots.  The relief for me was temporary - but well worth it.  My TENS would help me get going in the morning, and give let me keep going a few times during the day.

    Note that TENS is only one piece of the overall medical plan - it is not a miracle cure.

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  • Also, my understanding is TENs should be used for 10-20 minutes and then removed. That was my experience with it and instructions given by my physical therapists.

    I dont know what your instructions were when you got it so it may be very different.

  • barbie2016bbarbie2016 washington statePosts: 53

    I had surgery in August of 2017.

    what to expect. I would like to stay out of bed where I am now.  I get up and go back because of pain. says I can wear it all day in the instructions.  Didn't buy it from a physical therapist...

    so, I have no idea now...if it's my SI joint, which it is that is hurting.....that's not a muscle.  so..maybe won't work....

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