Complications after SCS surgery - anyone else?

I had my spinal cord stimulator replaced back in July 2017. I had my original implant done in 2008 and things have been fine until I re injured my back in May 2017 and my old SCS did not cover the new nerve pain. The new SCS is a Boston with the paddle lead. The surgeon had to remove 2 lamina in the thoracic area in order to remove the old lead and place the new one. Post surgery I experienced terrible muscle spasms in my back and an overnight hospital stay turned into 4 nights before I could be discharged. I am now 8 months post op and I still have bad spasms on either side of my spine that never allowed me to return to work and have now resulted in the loss of my job. The neurosurgeon won’t even talk to me about it, months of PT haven’t helped and no one can tell me if it will ever improve. I can’t stay in any stationary position for any extended length of time and working with my arms in front of me or above shoulder height will cause those muscles in my back to “lock up” within 30-45 seconds. 

Has anyone else heard of or experienced anything similar? Truly at my wits end. Thank you. 



  • How are you doing now ? I had mine done just over a week ago and having severe pain in mid back where leads put never had pain there before and getting concerned. 

  • i have had nothing but problens pain spasms...and they downplay it all to psychosomatic.....biggest mistake of my life getting this   and try and get it out...they fight you tooth and nail.....

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  • Constant problems. I have severe fibromyalgia and where the stimulator helped my back the pain went to other muscle groups. I'm not sure what I'm going to do

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