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Si joint pain or L3L4 disc protrusion pain?

hi there, for 5 months now i have lower backpain caused by lifting to much weight in a bended position above my head. (Moving a 90 kg vault to the first floor). Now I have a lot of pain specially 

In bed. I tried chiro, PT, but did not help.MRI showed a L3L4 protrusion with annulus tear leaning to the nerve root.

I dont have sciatica. Can it be someting else than a mild disc herniation? Maybe SI joint? I do not have pain in the Si but when I hurted myself with lifting something in my left hip popped.

Is that the piriformus muscle?

Some good advice is very welcome. My orthopedic docter said without on the MRI having noticed there is a disc protrusion, he cannot do anything for me.

It was an orthopedic still learning and not graduated yet, he has still a lot t learn.

Another very well known orthopedic  surgeon in the Netherlands told me where probably the pain is coming from. He couldnt explain the protrusion L3L4 with annulus tear but no sciatica

As the major source of the lower backpain. He wants to wait some longer. Another doctor adviced me to try prolotherapy injecting muscles with glucose s loosen the Piriformusmuscle.

Anyone had experience wit that kind of treatment?

 Greetings  Mart



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