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Finally Medtronic SCS Coming Out This Week!!

After jumping thru all the hoops with my doctor for well over 1 1/2 years for removal of this God awful Stimulator I finally am getting it out this Wednesday 4/4. 4 days short of being in my spine for 4 years. I had about 2 to 2 and 1/2 years of partial pain relief in my lower spine after the stimulator was implanted in 2014. Then out of nowhere and for no reason, I started to get discomfort in my mid back and half way up my spine. My pain doctors dismissed it asking me a few times if I fell or was in a car wreck. Things of this nature. I told them no nothing has happened. From just discomfort to just out and out crying with pain that's what I have been going thru for a year and a half. The pain doc had me try so many things with no help at all at any stage. Finally he sent me to another pain doc about 30 miles away. I was expecting him to follow along with my doctor's opinion. Keep it in and deal with the pain. He came in felt the large knotty area, asked me if I tried therapy I said no place I tried wanted to touch the area due to a lawsuit for potential paralysis. He asked if I tried a chiropractor, I said yes. She told me she has had 3 patients she personally knew of that had to have theirs out for somewhat similar pain. But my area is considerably larger than any of theirs. He asked if I used a compound rub. I said yes but no relief. I told him no amount of pain meds help. It simply needs to be removed. He then said he actually took one out of someone very recently. And he would recommend it removed. I then go to my doctor and he actually said to me, you know the FDA guidelines will not allow me to increase your pain medicine's strength. I told him to look thru my file and notice that once the SCS was put in I reduced my meds dosage and strength to half. I am 50 years old, I am not someone who takes pills just to be taking them. So to get him to take me seriously I said take my meds down right now, especially if that will get you to take the thing out. So he did this about 10 days ago. He told me as soon as insurance approves it they will contact me. Thursday of this week I was informed my insurance was good and no approval was necessary. What I would like to know is, can I get a video or picture of what they find in there. I want to see what has made my life truly HELL on Earth. Still haven't got a time for surgery so hopeful tomorrow I hear from the hospital. Not sure why they haven't called and told me what meds to stop and other pre surgery instructions. I will let others know what happens and if the pain is gone. I am praying for sucess so I can play with my 10 month old grandson and be able to do yard work and other chores.


  • Hey I got my SCS removed back in January and all I had to stop taking was anti-inflammatories and blood thinners if I was on any. I would call by tomorrow afternoon, if you haven’t heard from them by then, bc my doctor wanted me off them for at least four days (a week was ideal, though, he said) just to be on the safe side. I will warn you...I was in A LOT more INCISION PAIN than when they put it in. When they put it in, I hurt so much bc there was this foreign body inside me and I’m quite petite so that battery had zero cushion. But when they took mine out, they cut open the same two incisions and the whole area around my battery incision felt insanely bruised and stretched out...all the way wrapped around to my hip and stomach. For two weeks after the surgery, it felt like someone was taking needles across my battery incision (well now ex battery incision lol). But to be fair, my SCS wasn’t in as long as yours...not that had to do a lot with my incision pain. Getting mine out immediately stopped the pain I was feeling while it was in! It was such a blessing! I so hope it works out that way for you too! Best wishes!

  • I had to have my spinal cord stimulator removed as it was not working, but now my bladder seems to have gone made (has a mind of its own)  cant seem to hold on. can any one else tell me if they have had the same or similar problems

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  • Wishfulthinking85 thank you for the helpful information on what I may experience. I ended up calling the hospital today to find out when my surgery is and what time to be there. They didn't see my name on the registry for any type of a procedure. They said they will call me back in 5 minutes. It ended up taking 90 minutes for the call back. They went over my meds with me over the phone and after I told them everything I was taking the phone nurse said she didn't think any of my meds would be an issue. I was surprised when she said this. I take celebrex 200mg twice a day. I thought those might be an issue. So I am praying that this Wednesday afternoon will be a good day and i do not have to be in constant pain and just miserable. Trix1963, I hope you can find someone that can give you an answer to your problem. God Bless!

  • I am wondering if anybody in here who had their stimulator removed been treated like I was Wednesday. My pain doc did not do a consult with my wife after my Medtronic spinal cord stimulator was removed. I have tried for 18 months with him to get it removed. I have a golf ball size knotty area as well as a raised layer all around the knotty area that has caused me severe pain for the 18 month period. I had 2 good years with the device and no issues. Then the scar tissue started to build and build. My life during the past 18 months was lay on ice for hours upon end. Use a compound cream he prescribed. And his favorite as it made him the most money was an epidural injection every 3 to 4 months. The most relief from a shot was a week. The last one he gave me, he missed the area and I hadblinding heartache. Threw up anywhere from 10 to 20 times. Double vision. This went on for a week. Finally he did a blood patch and that slowly stopped my symptoms. Ever since I stopped the shots he has taken a don't care about you attitude. My wife did call the office today to get an update. He called her 30 minutes later and said he found scar tissue on a lead and a lead had broke thru. But the next thing he said was this is normal. I shouldn't bend over. If I didn't bend so much there would be no issue. This is a doctor mind you. I am only 50 years old and me have a 10 month old grandson. I guess he expected me to walk upright for the next 20 years or whatever time I have left on earth. I will gladly give his name if anyone is interested. I will say he practices in Richmond Indiana.

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