Post fusion spasms

Hi. Had L5/S1 fusion - anterior inter body cage along with posterolaterol pedicle screw fusion to resolve a collapsed disc crushing nerves in Jan 2018. Since week 2 I’ve suffered terrible back spasms, at first up to 15-20 a day. Now 10 weeks post op and I still have 2-3 a day, end up on floor screaming for 2-3 mins then pain for 10-20 mins. Still on oxycodone, diazapam, baclofen, codeine and paracetamol. Can’t seem to find anyone who has experienced this and I’m very concerned something is wrong. Post op X-ray at 4 weeks was normal according to consultant. Seeing him again in 2 weeks, he is aware and said frequency and severity of spasms is not usual. Nerve pain massively reduced but pain, stiffness and spasms in lower back bad. PT and mobility impacted by spasms. Cheers Flecthaaa



  • Not sure if this is helpful but I totally understand what you are going through with the terrible spasms. I have just gotten my l1-t11 fused and had the same exoirience as you.

    Although the extreme spasms for me had all but been eradicated by 2 weeks post-op I still have minor ones where I am not on the ground screaming for a few min

  • Thanks darknight773  I’ve def improved and I hope it’s just slow healing. Consultant said he did have to get through a larger amount of muscle than usual. That said it’s difficult to see the woods from the trees in the middle of spasms. 

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