Knots on/near spine

I have posted before about my daughter’s complications after fusion surgery. As of today, she has a new symptom. She has 2 hard knots on/near the spine toward the top of her fusion site. I would guess the top one is  around T5 and another just a little lower. The knots visibly stick out, and are between acorn and walnut sized. She has burning pain around the knots and into both shoulder blades. She is on restricted activity due to a stress fracture at L4, so I have no idea what may have caused this. On call doctor thinks possible screws backing out. Has anyone experienced anything similar? 



  • hi camb411

    I had a knots sticking out and it was visible to other, and yes it hurt and evey time I sat and lend back in a chiar I would bump it and pain would shoot. mine was a screw that was in croked. so they took that screw and the section of rod down to the next screw out. that was a set back in recovery because they had to open me back up, about 6 inch incession, and cut all the muscles again. that took away a lot of pain in that spot few a spell. now the top screw on the other side is sticking out a bit more and now the bone on the same side as the screw that was removed is sticking out. both places very visible to others. there is all so some disconfrant there. right at the bra line so it hurts by end of the day. I was told that my thin ness would pose some complication with the surgrey because fat is needed to cover the hard ware. not sure if that's my problem or if my spine is twisting again. but that's what happened to me, hope this helps you. I would ask the doctors if they could do an x-ray and look at that area, because sometimes the screws do work them selves out. it needs to be looked at. good luck and let us know how you make out.

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    hi camb411

    an xray sounds like a good idea-then they can tell if the screws are backing out or if it's a knot of scar tissue or muscle.....i have the latter-i have scar tissue formed around the top screws and the bars and that has formed 2 knots right beside my bars that have firmly stuck my muscles to my nerves and the bars.  i don't have the problem of being skinny (argh) but i can feel them on either side, and my problem is the burning pain that go from those points to my ribs and along the muscles that run along my spine that will actually take my breath away and then i can't breath because the spasm runs around my lower ribs.  So, finding out what they are is the first thing-and your doctor should be able to do that with an xray-the screws are super easy to see if they are backing out, they'll have a dark line around the threads-like someone outlined them with a black marker on the xray.  if they are baking out then the surgeon will likely need to be involved.....

    can you and her get into the doctor soon?  i hope it's scar tissue-it's easier to break up than having another surgery, but either way....i hope they can see her soon and get to the bottom of it! 

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