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Protalcal for pain management to kick you out of the program and stop seeing you

I have been going to this pain management clinic for over 2 years have never had an issue with the urine test and 6 months ago I was asked what doctor did I prefer to see and I stated that I wanted to see just one of them instead of the other one. For the reason that it was her uncle that caused the damage and the pain that I deal with now he almost choked me to death and beat me. Causing me to have 3 discs out in my neck two of them were herniated several protruding disc in the middle section of my back and two discs out in the lower back and one of them is herniated which causes severe pain in the lower back and foot pain in both feet. I had never been asked if I prefer one over the other until that day and the nurse knowing the situation. I felt comfortable that it would be confidential that I preferred the one I chose to see me. And then I receive a letter that they will no longer see me because alcohol showed up in my urine test. I drink a couple glasses of wine a couple nights a week I have not changed my routine since the day I've been going and the doctors have been aware that I drink wine they have never stated that it was against the policy . They have actually told me that it wasn't a problem. I called requesting the doctor to call me back that there's no way that alcohol showed up in my system and that maybe it was the mouthwash that I used before I went in. The nurse called me back the doctor refuse to talk to me and said that she was done with me not to bother her again. The nurse stated that I had failed the test to other times. Not one time did the doctor ever come in and state that anything showed up besides what was supposed to be there in my chest and the nurse stated that I failed it in November. January and this last visit.  September was the visit that the nurse asked me who I preferred and after that they're stating I have failed every drug test since then stating that alcohol showed up. It just seems odd that I would start failing the drug test after I stated who I wanted to see. And shouldn't my doctor have come in and told me after each time that something else alcohol showed up in my urine. Is there a protocol that they should come in and confront you and let you defend yourself?



  • It depends on the contract. Morally, I would hope if there was anything questionable on any test the doctor would discuss it, but I also know that many doctors don't, unless you specifically ask about results.

    I have osteonecrosis in my wrist, and after an xray for a suspected break, they never called me with the results, yet when I asked for the report, I found out there was indeed a fracture...a month later.

    Now I ask for a copy of all results of tests, xrays, etc.

  • TBrigmanTTBrigman Posts: 1
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    I've never questioned about the rest, because I never thought I was doing anything against the contract. I told them about drinking wine a couple of glasses after I get home. I don't take any pain pills after I get home because it interferes with my sleep. I get up at 2:30 am . The nurse said that I had only failed the last 3 .It just seems really odd that I just started failing them after I stated that I didn't won't to see the niece of the one that did this to me. Should I file a complaint with the medical board?

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  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 143

    I wish I had a more helpful comment for you, but personally, if this was me, I would go to the office first thing Monday morning and ask for a copy of your medical records including all notes and tests and your contract. I'd want to see proof ofthe failures as well as what's been written about me as any new doctor you try to see will be forwarded this info. Then I would dispute anything you feel is wrong, in writing, so that can be added to your file. Then my next stop would be to my PCP to explain what has happened, and if you were being prescribed pain meds by your Pmd, see if your pcp will write them for you and refer you to a new pmd or at least write you for something to help with withdrawals. Please let us know what happens... so sorry you're going thru this!!!

  • You could write a letter to your county medical board, but without proof that you are being mistreated because of the previous concerns you expressed, it could be tough to prove.

    I would obtain all copies of your urine results, request a, and notes from previous visits and review them.

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