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How to determine if back pain is physical or medical?

How do you determine physical back pain v. medical. My pain comes while sitting or doing labor/work? Sounds physical right?



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
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  • 41 yr old. Over weight but active. I have gone for massage therapy, no dr as of now....been on and off for a month

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  • Sunflower_gurlSSunflower_gurl Posts: 15
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    I spent years sitting from my occupation. I was say to you it is physical. Had I chosen a job other than from behind a desk, I think I would be in better shape today medically. My spinal canal is more narrow due to non-activity day in and day out. Doctor's words. 

  • Hi Sunflower. Thanks for responding.

    I sit 7-9 hrs five days a week. My back has got worse and worse. Standing and moving eliminates the pain. the pain is localized to my lower right side, I use pillows, heat and it helps but its there. Now, I have issues getting out of bed and when doing yard work etc. I have no other signs of medical and no injuries, sadly think I have damaged my back from sitting all day

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303

    What is your definition and difference between Physical and Medical

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  • Physical would be brought on by a sudden movement or action....Also, sitting long periods at work starring at a computer causing pain...if walking relieved the pain I would see that as part of physical......

    If there were other medical signs like blood in urine, constipation and that was with constant dull pain, i would say medical. I feel medical pain is more consistent, were physical can come and go at different levels.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303

    Thats sort of on the border of Acute vs Chronic Pain...  Acute comes on suddenly, examples, Twisting an ankle, breaking an arm, smashing your finger with a hammer,  while Chronic pain is something that is persistent..  Should be at least 9 months of pain before its consider chronic.  Something that does not go away with immediate conservative treatments.

    I guess I look  at both of those as being Physical and Medical.    Thus sometimes when diagnosed, 

    "Your medical condition is a herniated disc that was probably brought on by too much physical activity"

    So, in those words, the physical part would not fit your definition.    

    BUT the major point is to identify what your problem is., forget about medical vs physical, once you see the proper doctors they will be able to identify what the base of your problem is.

  • Ok, maybe my question isn't clear..ok so lets say my back pain was generated from my kidney or liver, wouldn't the feeling be constant, pain may become stronger but mostly always there. My pain is brought on by movement or pressure on my lower right side...Example, sitting in a chair that pushes on my lower right side makes the pain come, bending over to pick something up makes the pain come, raking/shoveling makes the pain come...

  • Hi Michael. My issues have been nerve inflammation at L5-S1, and I understand it takes the bunt off physical or non physical. I had an epidural to the left side hurting there just this past Thursday. It has taken 4 days to feel relief, but I am getting it. Now, I still have pain in the left buttock, so I know my Ischia bursa is inflamed again. I had an injection into it 4 years ago, which helped. It would be nice to not have that sitting down pain right? It hurts worse when I am sitting than standing.  

  • Also, I'd like to add Ischia bursitis is also called Weaver's Bottom. It's the bone we sit on daily. It has a bursa or maybe more. When I am sitting, the pain shoots up to the very low back from that painful bursa. 

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