Confirmed Central L4/L5 Herniation

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My name is Pat. I’m a 24y/o M and just got off the phone with my pain doctor who confirmed with me that I have a small herniation in my central L4/L5 areas. This diagnosis didn’t really come as a shock to me but I am still at a loss. To start from the beginning I have been having intermittent pain in my lower back from 7/2017. I am a full time firefighter, I like to stay active and I am also a Crossfit coach and take part in Crossfit style workouts or even HIIT workouts. Since the pain started I knew something deeper was wrong. Every doctor I went to first started me off on therapy and stated they thought it was a strain. I know my body, and I know what pain is.. so to receive the news that it was a hernatiin and not a pulled muscle wasn’t to much of a surprise. I’ve went the medication route and therapy/home therapy routine and nothing even comes close to helping. My doctor gave me a few options to consider and that is receiving epidural shots on both sides of my spine to help with recovery or to get in touch with a surgeon college of his. He mentioned that hernited discs often take 6 months to heal but I’m heading onto almost a full year and just looking for assistance. As of now I have almost given up all Crossfit style/HIIT training that involves loading the spine (back squats) or bending at the hips (deadlifts.) and simply running and doing light body weight exceeded and stretching what I can. If anyone has had any expierences like this I’d be greatly appreciative for help. Thanks!



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    during recovery from one of my early herniations, i was told by my trainer at the gym not to run, just progressive walking on the treadmill.

    i hope you find all the articles and information useful for your research.

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  • I screwed my back up from walking at fast speed and high incline at the gym!

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  • Sorry to hear that @MichaelRosseel

    My walking was written into a closely supervised program, with the gyms full knowledge of my injury.


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