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Hi I'm new here and not sure how to get around yet.

darbymai59ddarbymai59 Posts: 55
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I've been going to pain management for several months now for back pain and sciatica. I've had two ESI's for the sciatica but the relief did not last very long. I am having RF Ablation on Aug. 27th and just a little scared. Hope it helps. The doc says most of my problems are from arthritis. I guess I just need someone to tell me it will be okay.



  • Welcome to SH. Hope the RF Ablation will help for you. You can find tons of support and resources here.
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. are you on any medication for your leg pain? what type of pt are you doing?i wish you the best and look forward to seeing you around the forum! Jenny :)
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  • Darby and welcome to SH. I have facet arthritis and the best relief that I ever got was from RF (rhizotomy). It has worked for me alot like the short lasting relief that you got from ESIs only it lasts about 1 year until the nerves grow back. I am excited for you that you are scheduled for a procedure that may give you long term relief! Please keep us posted on your progress and good luck.
  • Lulusheart, I am not on any kind of meds but ibuprofen. I have tried Tramadol ER 100mg and Hydrocodone and they both made me nauseated. I am going to ask the PM doc to give me something for the nausea because the ibuprofen just isn't working that well. Should I ask him about other Meds for the leg pain and PT?

    Painintheback, I am so pleased to hear that the procedure worked for you and I hope it does for me too. My pain is constant and getting worse every day.


  • Hi! perhaps your doctor may be waiting to see if ablation works before he tries other meds or even pt. i was not helped and have moved on to these other measures. i have severe sciatica in my leg and am on Lyrica. I am doing better since being on it. you might ask him about it or another nerve pain medication like it. even try different pain meds. not one acts the same on you as the other. ginger can also help with nausea. it is natural and can be drank as a tea or taken in a capsule. medication is a conservative treatment as is pt. i do walking and stretching every day i can. i could not function without it. there are other types of exercises which could be tailered especially for your problems. please remember this is only my opinion and experience and your doctor knows best!! good luck and i hope you find pain relief soon. the ablation may really work for you and you won't have to worry about any other treaments, only prevention of future problems. Jenny :)
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  • Thanks for the suggestion of ginger. I'll try it. I guess I should have posted all my problems at first. I'm not sure just how bad my back is but this is a copy of my MRI report that was taken on April 24th. I've had back and sciatica pain off and on for several years and didn't know what it was til I told my PCDoctor my symptoms. He sent me for the MRI and then on to Pain Management. I guess maybe this is just the beginning or maybe I'll get lucky and it will also be the end.

    At L3-4 there is a far right lateral disk bulge compatible with a far right lateral disk protrusion. This extends into the right neural foramen but does not extend into the posterior margin of the disk. There are some associated hypertrophic facet degenerative changes. No significant central canal narrowing is identified. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing greater on the left than on the right primarily due to the hypertrophic facet degenerative changes. The right far lateral disk protrusion does not contribute to neural foraminal narrowing.

    At L4-5 there is a diffuse posterior disk bulge that has the appearance of a broad based central disk protrusion. There are bilateral hypertrophic facet degenerative changes with thickening of the ligamentum flavum. There are lateral marginal vertebral osteophytes that extend into the neural foramen. There is some central canal narrowing primarily due to the hypertrophic facet degenerative disease and thickening of the ligamentum flavum. This appears to represent an element of central spinal stenosis. There is also bilateral neural foraminal narrowing due to the facet joint osteophytes and posterior lateral marginal vertebral osteophytes.

    At L5-S1 disk is unremarkable in appearance. There are hypertrophic facet degenerative changes. There is some bilateral neural foraminal narrowing greater on the left than on the right due to the hypertrophic facet degenerative changes. No lateral recess narrowing is identified.


    Should I be too concerned with all this? I know none of you are doctors but it is nice to discuss this with someone that has experienced it.

  • =D> :) i think you are giving me a test. you know your doctor can best interpret these results for you. that is something i don't have experience in. so please be patient and wait just alittle longer. if you weren't referred to an ortho or neurosurgeon then i wouldn't worry about surgery right now. it looks like other methods are being tried first. you have your ablation to look forward to! Jenny :)
  • Wow, I've never seen a technician's report on a spinal/lumbar MRI with so much detail! I wish mine were like yours. It certainly does appear intimidating to say the least, if you're trying to figure out what it means. Don't let it intimidate you though; it appears as though they just really went the long mile in including EVERY detail; it's probably for the better, and will help your ortho/neurosurgeon.

    Like lulusheart said, you've got an ablation to look forward to, which is definitely not major like a fusion, but if you're worried or nervous, it's normal. A lot of good things have been recommended already for you. My only comments on your report are that it doesn't mention any big specifics, such as '8mm bulge' or 'severe' or 'major'; all things referenced appear to be seen, and noted as present and important, but not critical or large in any way at the time of the MRI. Your ortho/neuro should be able to review it with you and give you the bottom line on it, and what to expect. Best wishes, JWM
  • Thanks for all the information. I guess I'll just wait until the PM doc tells me its time to see a surgeon. Hopefully not soon or never. One thing the PM doc said when he looked at my films and written report was "WOW you have a bad back." He did show me the stenosis area and explained other things to me at the time.

    I know most of you have had many procedures/surgeries and I guess I'm just worried that someday I too will have to go through the same as you. I wish all of you the best you can be.
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