Occiput to C2 fixation or C1 C2 fusion?



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    We met our doctor last Tuesday. Now he is telling us that I should get fused from C0 - C3 instead. He said that this is to make sure that I am much stabilized as being fused from C0 - C2. He also said that he is now more inclined to think that my case is os odontoideum. We haven't had a schedule for the surgery yet. We asked him if he could refer us to another doctor in other hospital to lower the expense. We will be meeting the new doctor on Monday. If everything goes smoothly, we might be scheduling my surgery by next month.

  • I hope the meeting on Monday will be good. 

    Does the missing part of your C1 give you pain? Itt is difficult to have a second surgery on your case. Keep safe.

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  • Went to see a new doctor last Wednesday. I will have my occiput-C3 fusion on August 13th. There are no improvements on my dislocation and the brace is just temporary fix. I will be admitted to the hospital by August 6th for lab tests and will be in traction before going under the knife.

  • Thank you nutcase. Right now we are reaching out to some institutions that would be able to help us out financially. Hopefully all goes well. 

  • Went to see the doctor again for the last time prior to admission. He explained the procedure in detail. He said that putting screws on my C1 will depend on the outcome of the traction. If it will get reduced, they will put screws in C1, if not, C1 will be skipped and only C2 and C3 will be screwed. He told me that I will be on traction for maybe a day or two hoping that my dislocation will be reduced. I am wondering how will I get through the day in a traction. I will be on my bed the whole time while on the traction.

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  • My occiput-C3 fusion went well. I am now 17 days post-op and is still feeling good. I am experiencing neck muscle pain sometimes but goes away after a while when I rest lying on the bed. I just had my first post-op check up yesterday and the doctor said that everything looks good so far. The stitches have already healed and told me that I can take a bath now. I thank my wife who is a nurse for taking really good care of me all throughout my condition. I couldn't ask for more. Doctor advised me though that I still need to rest for about 3 months before he clears me to go back to work.

  • I'm glad my surgery went well. The doctor did advise me to limit my activity just yet. Slowly do exercise to bring back my neck's muscle strength. I am also doing some walking and brisk walking sometimes.I hope everything goes well for me. 

  • Pleased you have had your surgery and your on the mend, the muscles have been cut so of course they will take time to heal. you are probably back to driving now, just take your time, I plan my journeys in the car and if there is a place I can’t see properly I don’t go there again, I would rather go with the traffic lights even if it means it takes longer. I bet your pleased that you went through the operation, you can start living again. Best of luck to you

  • This is my almost 4 months post-op. I feel better than my previous update. The sore feeling is still there sometimes but not so much pain than before. I am can drive again now. I was able to hit the beach last month and it was awesome. Never had a good dip for over a year. My next visit to the doctor is on the 13th December. Hopefully I can get back to work by January. 

    Thank you myrajstone for the kind words. I am now slowly getting back up from this challenge in life.

  • Hi, been gone for awhile so missed lots of your posts, looks like your outcome is really good,  Im fused from C0 to C7, lots of hardware and such, been since aug 2015, gotta say life is very good, I drive, work search and rescue and several other activities, I 72 years old and now it looks like lots more,  4 months out you should be doing well and not the learning curve begins, lots of little things but all workable with creative thinking, and lots of humour.  Best to you and your continued recovery.  Enjoy this holiday season.   take care and be safe,  piperbill  

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