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William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 2,011
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Just like some people's ears are tuned in to music

Oh..not just some specific genera or era..but in general for good it beats,melody,tempo will German Shepard head when hearing a good tune.

Only after ...does your specific taste from experience,likes,dislikes start in

I like general

Stringed instruments like a violin, viola..cello..etc

Vivaldi esp

Spring in particular..

But I also like piano

And bagpipes when their drum counterparts are playing..

I got you..

I got you thinking of the sound,melody...tune they,l play.

So it goes with what you tune in with your mind

Attitude determines outcome

If your always looking for your glass half full? It will always seem to be almost full


It can always seem near empty...

Point is...positive and negative outlooks are built in little blocks..little things and thoughts add up to big picture things

If your constantly negative..all you will see,and hear internally(dialog) and externally(your pain) is negative

You shouldn't live that way..its not right and your made for better things.

Tune in for all the good things so that in the can have more better than worse thoughts




Be geared toward finding positives..there is more to your life than the pain

Start by listening for things that are good for you

Cast away what isn't and look for more of what is good for you

The darkness..and its embrace is seductive..but ultimately..hollow

Add to the library of good for you stuff

Soon..your head will have a library of "good stuff" with no room for bad stuff

Life is too short for bad music....



  • I love the old blues, takes me into another world. Just thinks ng about it mellows me out, 

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