I have moderate to severe spinal stenosis, bulging/herniated discs, compression on nerves in lower spine at levels L5 S1.

I've been taking tramadol 50 mg as needed or every six hours; I don't think its strong enough dose because I understand that some people take up to 450 mg per day.  Can anyone tell me their experiences with tramadol and/or other pain meds.



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    Your doctor is the only one who can recommend doses of medications. Typically they start you at the lowest dose to make sure you don't experience major side effects or interactions, then if necessary, after a few weeks, may adjust the dose.

    One word of caution, what dose another may be on has nothing to do with what dose may be right for you. Their dose may be higher because they have been on a medication for months or years.

    Don't waste your time comparing a medication or dosage of another to determine what yours should be.

  • Sandi is spot on.  If the medication is not providing enough relief, then the doctor can adjust it, but trying to compare dose amount with others doesn't work.  Each one of us have our own unique chemistry. 

    If you're still having significant pain after taking your med, I'd let the doctor know about it.  It could also be helpful to have a "pain diary" so you can track when you feel ok v. when you don't.  That could help your doctor decide on medication and strength.

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    hi leonaiz2

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    we cannot give you medical advice about doses, so only your doctor can help you if the medication is not controlling the pain.  there are other medications that are prescribed for nerve pain but not sure if you are taking just tramadol.  please make an appointment or call or doctor for advice as you shouldn't have to stay in pain.

    i have added two links below to help new members with information and these also contain the forum rules.  there is lots of material to research on spine-health that will give you the power of knowledge.

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  • On the Morphine Equivalency Table Morphine is rated a 1.  Oxycontin is rated a 1.5 and Tramadol is .2.  So it is not very strong.  If you want to read about the Morphine Equivalency Table, just google it. pain management uses is as a guideline.  I am no expert, but if you google it, you will get a full explanation.  

  • I take tramadol and I’ve found it gives me longer lasting pain relief without the cloudy head feeling norco does, it works great for me the problem is that I can easily take three at a time because my tolerance is building up which is not good with any pain medicine, I’ve been taking for 4 years but my doctor won’t give me more then 40 a month which is 100% not enough and that makes me feel bad my biggest fear is becoming dependent on pain meds and becoming addicted, I work 12 hour days a lot so I’m easily up for 18+ hours a day even if I take one every 6 hours three a day I run out before the end of the month and am left suffering until my script renews, I will say most people I know who have a prescription for tramadol don’t like it because they say it doesn’t help them or It just gives them a stomach ache my experience with it has been good it seems to suit me well because I have the feel opiods give me it’s not a good feeling for me personally, but I will admit one tramadol is not a strong enough dose I have to take one and a half or two and worst case 3 which is rare but sometimes the pain is stubborn 

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  • What is your root problem? A bad disc?

    Are you in pain management?

  • Be sure to check with your Doctor.  Information that I have read that max dose per day is 400mg and then you run the risk of serotonin syndrome.  At times my taking 100 to 150 mg, I notice that I am slower to speak and am kinda straight line when it comes to emotions or having an opinion about something.  Please check with your Doctor.

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