best chair to prevent piriformis syndrome?

I believe I'm having piriformis syndrome. I try to stand up and walk around every hour, but still, I get sciatic pain sometimes while sitting. When that happens I have to stand up and walk or stretch the piriformis to make the pain go away.

Is there some special chair or sitting position that prevents piriformis syndrome?



  • I have a,zero gravity recliner that helps me but it's expensive and doesn' help everyone... but if I sit in it right I can put a gentle strech on my hamstrings which helps my piriformis 

  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654

    Odd as it sounds, I believe you've already answered your own question.  Save the money and don't worry about a chair. As soon as the pain hits, change your position. Get up more like every 10-15 minutes for now. In the standing position, do some isolated glute squeezes. In the sitting position, do some knee squeezes. Start activating your muscles along with lots of variable movements, just nothing too strenuous. 

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