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Im 29 years old i have suffered with back pain for years in 2012 i was diagnosed with a tarlov cyst on my spine. For the past 3 months ive been in excrutiating pain daily if i stand for more than20 min i am tearing up ans feel need to sit down i also jave a lump that i can feel on my lower back on the right side above my hip the pain is so bad i was sceduled for a new mri but the dr didnt fill it out correctly so i am waiting to get it done . i was on oxycodone 7.5s and also taking ibuprofen 800 mg but had to change doctors so i am suffering right now. Does anuone have a clue what this could be. I also have scoliosis but its not too crooked. This back pain is making it to where i cant work properly or do house work and i have 3 children. If i am moving around walking or standing for more than 20 min i am dying. And what could this lump be???



  • Also the actual lump doesnt hurt its just that area in general. My lower back and to the right. When i say its excrutiating it is. Ive tried icy hot lidocaine ibuprofen tylenol. Nothing really seems to help. I even had to mix my ibuprofen and oxycodonev to really help. Im at a loss

  • You should run this by your doctor and hopefully this concern will be addressed. Many people have had lumps due to muscle spasm which are like hard knots in your back. I've had them in the past and know how painful they are. Only your doctor can tell you for sure. Using heat pad for a few minutes along with massaging a pain relieving cream in that area could be helpful. I also use ice packs to numb the pain for a while. I'm sorry you're dealing with all this so young, and hope you find relief soon. Take care

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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 654

    I have a friend that had an unexplained lump and found it to be fatty tissue build up. 

    As for your pain, it sounds like you have a lot of muscle imbalances in your pelvis and low back. I say that because you state the pain builds in whatever conditions you are taking part walking, standing, etc. Muscle imbalances can cause your bones to shift into misalignment, and from there pressure bestowed upon the nerves, hence pain!  

    However, my suggestion for the time being is to get as much movement as you can until the pain hits, then change what you are doing to something without pain. That's not to say if laying down or sitting feels better, that's what you do. Most likely that will only make it worse. What I mean is that sitting trains your muscles to perform for that function, sitting not standing/walking. When you get up to walk your muscles aren't properly prepared - which is why about 20 minutes in or so you start to feel pain. Keep increasing the frequency of getting up and moving around. Sit less. Hydrate properly. Start breathing properly. 

    Hopefully those are helpful and will get you started. 

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