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What are the symptoms of disc herniation recurrence after [Microdiscectomy] back surgery?

iammilindiiammilind Posts: 10
edited 04/27/2018 - 10:12 PM in Lower Back Pain

As discussed in below thread, I had a microdiscectomy for L4-5, both sides:

As doctor advised, I sit on chairs for 30 mins & then take 5 mins walk & come back. Being a software engineer, I am using Google online timer, which rings in my laptop after 25 mins.

Avoiding any lifting above 5 kg, bending or twisting. Wearing lumbo-sacral belt mostly to give protection from common mistakes or instances of sneezing.

Despite of above, I sometimes get lower back pain, which seldom happened before surgery & never before disc herniation. I live in constant concern of disc re-herniation, which is most likely in initial 3 months, though in exponentially decreasing probability.

What are the symptoms, when the disc re-herniated & what to do, apart from meeting surgeon?



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