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Exercises after Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Hey people i am new member of this community. I had my l4-l5 microdiscectomy 2 weeks ago, it went well, my pains are significantly lower and i am happy about the results. I am 25 and i feel quite bored without exercises, my surgeon suggested me to just small walks and he said after 4 weeks i can start to swimming. My question is i would like to do some pull ups and push ups, i feel that there is no pressure on my spine while doing these exercises. Do you think is it safe to do that or should i wait a little bit longer?



  • you really should wait, listen to your physician. if you have another follow up ask...always ask. after that if the all systems are go and thumbs up do your exercise but stay focused on how your body feels while exercising.  

  • Can07080CCan07080 Posts: 1
    edited 05/01/2018 - 4:13 AM

    Thanks a lot. Sometimes i feel that my physician is quite conservative about exercises and thats why i wanted to have second opinion. He said after 6 weeks you re free to do your exercises unless you do not put pressure on your vertebrates. So i guess i can start push ups, pull ups and squats without weight when the time has come.

    I have another question, whats your expereiences for jogging after lumbar microdiscectomy? I really love it but it causes a bit pressure.

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  • martymarmmartymar Posts: 95
    edited 05/01/2018 - 5:56 AM

    Can the best way I can put this is your back is damaged and weaker than it was before you will always have to be cautious of exercising. You may feel normal but if your go back to squats and other exercises that over pressure that disc you will be looking at more surgeries in your future. Trust me the longer you put off anymore surgeries the better.

  • Thanks, so probably i need to wait almost like 6 months to do exercises except from walking and swimming.

  • I'm also two weeks post op and I feel like I could handle more than walking... but I'm trying to be a good patient and listen to my doc. I did start taking my bike to work again, but I'm making sure to take it easy and it is a very short distance away. Just a suggestion for you, I am looking into some water aerobics exercises that I can do in the coming weeks. You're in the water so its low impact exercise. Although not as fun as racing around the pool, might help to keep you busy!

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  • @martinr i always feel like when you sit on a bike your lower back is under big pressure, are you sure that biking is safe? I will keep my exercises as swimming and walking next 3 months.

     I want to ask again, are the push ups and pull ups are safe after 6 weeks?

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