The Wonders of it all

Its a wondrous thing

These friendships


Ties that bind gently...yet fully one to another

A tug here

A pull there

And a telephone call

And a bad New York Italian accent..How Yoo dooin?

I done know? How Yoo Doin? Me? Ime Dooin ok....How Yoo Doin....

Laughter,secret tears and pipe dreams of California road trips via the long way across time..across space.

The silence now is deafening because I won't be making that trip with him.

His ,.what can you say?  Trail,road..walk???

What do you say when that time is up and now you have to walk on without a real person and only chemistry making up what a person used to..where a person used to be.

Just a measure of time between here...and 


Those measures have stopped..what ever music played is now a echo fading to an empty room

Those measures of miles and hours and days

Are no longer useful as there is no"how" to measure this distance.

My buddy has moved on to whatever reward and rest he had coming..and I am left with 5 stages

He suffered as we all will and had enough and moved on surrounded by love and light as is,proper and should be.

Numbness is a word sometimes used

Pain is what I feel as my body takes the hit

It stings and aches like falling down

There are words but my muse is weeping..and soon it will be my turn.

RIP my buddy

Now you are Stars



  • I love the faces people make as they old buddy"Ronnell" is from Noorth Car-pIna and a of men but his English was atrocious when he laughs..remember the Cajun on the waterboy?

    Its the people that matter not any geographical origin....I surprise people with my southern drawl..HiYallDoin..which goes deep the further northeast I go..everyone is a Yankee from where I sit.

    My buddy had words like Oma, Opa buddy..Y'all....

    What a mix we are!

    My buddies passing was unexpected this early on..and its hard losing a friend as I only accept a few inside my circle that I keep.

    Its funny how peeps here on SH know me better than my family

    Up east are some if the kindest,warmest most giving souls I have ever met..ready to smile at the slightest notice.

    Yes we do,say..Howya Durrin!.usually when in the cups! 

    I need to try the Canoli one day..after a big ole bowl of Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo, a nice wine,some nice hot,folks live RIGHT!

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