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Tammie B

Hi there, I am a 47-year-old female  and have undergone 4 cervical surgeries in 2 years.  I chose an institution that all they work on  are spines.  December of 2016 I went to Arizona and they performed a laminectomy and foramenextomy on 1 (L5/6) out of 2 bulging discs (L4/6 and 5/6) and 5 days later they did a lamenectkmy and foramenectomy on 1 (C5/6) out of 2 bad disks (C4/5 and 5/6)  They chose C5/6 because of symptomology.  C5/6 nerve root was impinged .  My lumbar  is improved but still tells me I have a lower back problems. When I woke up from surgery for my neck I told them something was wrong. My symptoms prior to surgery were numbness when working above my head and pain/discomfort when work chest height or above.  Defiinirly manageable, but it took me a long time to let someone work on my spine, why not get my neck fixed.  I woke up from surgery knowing something was wrong. I had numbness down my right arm, thumb, index finger and half of my middle finger was numb.  The dismissed it as inflammation around the nerve (logical) but went on for 2 months.  They repeated the MRI and found the disc reherniated again and was actually bigger than the first time and really applying pressure on c5/7 nerve root.  Went back to LSI in Arizona again (live in Colorado).  They reperformed the surgery.  Home 2-3 weeks and the disc reherniated.  Went back for third surgery where they worked on 4/5 and 5/6.  Needless to say the pain was worse and I wasn’t going back there.  I lived with the pain for a year before another surgeon would touch me due to liability (I get it! They don’t want to be responsible for another Dr’s mess up. I traveled from western Colorado to Eastern Colorado to see a surgeon in Denver.   He was pretty appalled by what LSI did.  He said they should have never gone through the back of my neck for the surgery.  He stated he felt he could help, but couldn’t guarantee that all the symptoms would resolve and may be permanent.  He did another surgery going through the front. Replaced the C4/5 and 5/6 with cadaver bone and fused both discs with acres and plates   I am 3 1/2 months out and happy to say most of my arm pain is gone and I can feel my arm and all fingers.  Some areas get hypersensitive and some numbness when I over do it.  However, I am experiencing tons of muscle spasms in my neck and across mainly my right shoulder (splenius capitis, sternocleiomastoid, and traps).   This happened immediately when I woke up from surgery.  It’s improved but the muscle spasms and stiffness are still prevalent.  Some days are better than others. I have recently started sleeping in my neck brace again because of the way I sleep it really aggravates what is going on.  Is it normal to still be experiencing so much spasming and tightness 3 1/2 months out. Because of my job I have been unable to make back to Denver for a follow up appointment.  I have been being treated by my primary for post surgery?   I am on tramidol for pain, Soma for the spasms when I’m not working, and Mobic for inflammation.   My neck spasms and tightness has also triggered several migraines (Thank the Lord for imatrex).  Should I be concerned anything else besides heat, ice, and massage? 



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    so, you have not seen your surgeon for a follow up? have you been able to talk to him by phone or email? and, has anyone suggested pt, or have you done that? i would be more concerned with the muscle spasms and trying, some how, to work on those.
    hopefully other members will reply and try to help out. in the meantime, you can look under surgery buddies, a prior month, and you will be able to read conversations of other members before and after surgery.

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