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Excessive Sweating After Back Injury. Thoughts Please?

Hyperhidrosis After Injury. Input Please.

My situation is interesting and I'd like some input, as my doctor has been useless...

Male: 31 years old.

Hyperhidrosis Start: 1 year ago.

Location: buttocks/low back and sometimes generalized all over.

Triggers: Heat, Activity, Stress.

Tests: Thyroid and urine test for pituitary tumour. All negative along with general blood tests that were fine.

Medication: None


- 7 years ago: injured my neck in a car accident and have bulged discs and arthritis and have constant pain.

- 5 years ago: work injury and blew out lumbar discs L3/L4, L4/L5 and L5/S1 and have significant degenerative disc disease and have constant pain. No surgery yet.

- 1 year ago: car accident and injured my thoracic spine (T7), which is still causing issues and I am awaiting a MRI. Car accident aggravated my lumbar back injury as well.

- Almost instantly after the car accident and injuries I began noticing excessive sweating on the buttock area, which has never happened before.

- This progressed into heat sensitivity and generalized sweating all over in hot weather or with activity, along with random hot flashes causing extreme sweating. Buttock sweating will occur with any activity, heat or stress.

- At the same time I began having tingling sensations in the groin and buttock area.


- Does not know what to say, has never heard of the issue and does not think it is associated with the back injuries.

- Claims it is related to stress and/or anxiety but has been unable to provide any suggestions.

- Waiting for a referral to a neurosurgeon for a consultation.


- Since these symptoms started RIGHT after the car accident and aggravation of injuries, I think it is too coincidental to think they are unrelated.

- Has anyone ever had something like this happen after an injury and could this be associated in any way???



  • Wow, I can't say I've never heard of this issue before.  To be honest, it almost sounds like a chemistry change within your body.  Have the doctors done any blood work to check hormone levels? 

  • Thank you for the comment. I have never heard of this either, which is all that more frustrating!

    My doctor has done blood work but I do not believe he checked hormone levels. Is there anything specific you would suggest asking for?

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  • Any other thoughts at all? I really would love to get this figured out as soon as possible and my doctor really had not been helpful at all.

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    i think i read once about injuries to certain ares of the spine (think it was neck c4/5 maybe...) can effect how the body regulates temperature. it might be worth trying to find out about this. i think it was a comment on this site, but cant remember. good luck!

  • Thank you. I will try to find that...

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  • I'm not exactly sure which hormones they should check.  Don't take this as a slam, but I know some women have temperature fluctuations during and after menopause.  It's all about our chemistry.  I would think your doctor would also check your thyroid.

  • Yeah I know, that is the first thing I thought. I had my thyroid checked but there is nothing wrong on that side of things.

    I have MRI's that I will be getting next week, so we'll see how things are looking there. I am also booked for nerve conduction tests, which I am quite nervous about.

    Sure hope we can find the issue ASAP!

  • Just had neck and lumbar MRI's today....excited and nervous to find out the results!

  • Thanks for the response nutcase007.....Did you have symptoms that are similar?

  • Well, I just received MRI confirmation that I have 2 or 3 cervical herniations with nerve root impingement and 2 lumbar with impingement. I am hoping and praying that these nerve issues are causing my symptoms, as surgery may be an option for nerve de-compression.

  • I was wondering if you were on any medications, and if you have a rash or flushing with the heat

  • Also, I had Neck surgery, (fusion, and replaced 2 disc with cadaver bones, and metal plate) in 2005, I have degenerative disc/joint disease. My surgery did not help with the pain at all, my doctor told me before I got the surgery that it's only a 50 percent chance that it would help, but I was in so much pain that I was willing to take the chance, I now regret that decision, I have had more problems since, so please be careful and weight in all options and make sure you discuss this with your doctor and you might even get a second opinion. But anyway, after my surgery I started sweating profusely with any movement or heat, and I have heat intolerance, it seems to be getting worse, after I take a shower, I actually start sweating, and my skin on my face, arms and chest gets red flushed, my sweating is more on my upper body, and I have a rash that looks like goosebumps on my arms, and my face is now staying a little flushed, I am still trying to find out what it is, but I keep thinking that it is connected to my surgery, or nerves somehow, I have just started seeing a Rheumatologist and hopefully I find out exactly what is going on, I wish you the best of luck, I know how frustrating it can be.

  • I was wondering if you were on any medications, and if you have a rash or flushing with the heat

  • There is actually a lot of literature about unreasonable sweating occurring for those with spinal cord injuries. It’s called reflex sweating. 

  • Thank you for the responses.

    I am not on any medication for the pain and discomfort. I have been able to manage the pain on a daily basis for the most part. The surgeons that I've seen so far have said that excessive sweating is not typically a response to spine injuries. They have said that the body can do all sorts of messed up things when under pain for many years, so they were cautiously considering that the sweating may improve after surgery.

    Artificial Disc Replacement has been suggested in my neck and low back. We are currently trying to decide what we are going to do...

  • Wow, I'm so glad that you have found a solution! That is a great feeling!

  • Okay, so I’ve had sever sweating since multi level lumbar fusion but my scalp, not my buttocks. Your post caught my eye. 

    I’m responding because I too had nerve testing and was very nervous. It was fine...and I had such perfect cervical nerve damage that the doctor wanted show and explain graphs to me while still conducting the test. I finally had to ask him to stop. 

    Hang in there. 

  • Wow, sorry to hear djstola...have you found any resolution to your sweating issues?

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    [edit] Tricyclic antidepressants (nortriptyline) or cymbalta or similar meds that calm the nerves (low doses typically used).  It may calm the nerves down and you can eventually go back off, perhaps.  Those meds work well for nerve pain.  Nerve pain does not respond too well to NSAID's.  .  Follow your physical therapists advice and also listen to your body.  [edit]Good luck.    

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  • I’m replying to Marcus60486.... I too have been struggling with unexplained sweating and hot flashes for 4 years now. I’m an otherwise healthy 59 year old male. I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease at around 40 yo. I have osteoarthritis in my spine and a myriad of other issues, one of which is spinal stenosis. My doctor told me that I fall into a broad and common category called “aging spine”. I have not experienced any injuries to my spine like you have but I do experience daily pain in my cervical and lumbar spine. I also have fatigue, weakness and heaviness in my legs and arms. (Most likely the stenosis)  My sweating is similar to yours in that you describe it coming on with activity, heat, and/stress. The location for me is my back. The feeling of overheating will begin in the center of my back, get more intense, then I will break into a sweat in my back area first, then my chest, back of neck and the crooks of my arms. Just cleaning in my house, sweeping the floor or changing the linens on my bed and I will end up sweating. A hot shower will leave me very overheated for 30 mins or so. I’ve been to two endocrinology specialists and had extensive and broad testing. All has come back normal and It’s been concluded that this is not endocrine related. I have also stopped all my medications at one point or another to see if that may be the cause but nothing came up there either. Not having any answers, I often do my own research, and that’s how I came across your forum post. I’ve often wondered if the issues with my spine could be at the root cause of this but it always seems an unlikely according to any docs I’ve asked or research I’ve done. Other than your injuries, your case feels so familiar to mine in how you describe the sweating. Anyway, I’m writing to see how you are doing and if you’ve learned anymore since your last postings on here, have or have not any improvement. Thanks... Charlie

  • I had the same thing. After a bad back injury which caused sciatica, almost immediately after I started sweating a lot more even just from doing stuff that normally would never make me sweat like standing and talking to someone. It’s been about a year now after 90% of my back feels better but I’m still having the sweats. 

  • I'm sorry this is happening to you all, but relieved I'm not alone.  I have been dealing with multiple lumbar issues since March and recently had two nerve blocks with ablation comi g up in a month or so.  Within the last few months I have been experiencing episodes of extreme sweating that is way out of proportion for whatever activity I'm doing.  i mentioned it to my PCP and she blames it on me being "out of condition".  While I may be out of shape, I am no more so now than I ever have been.  I hope we can get to the bottom of it.   I've never been a sweater.  Not even when I went through menopause.

  • Similar problem also, just had a synovial cyst removed and L4 & L5 fused and bolted together just 5 days ago, every day since, i get these hot and cold temperature swings, mostly sweating and more from my waist down than from the waist up, cant hardly sleep because of it, i was scared to get on the internet and read about it, now i know why, sounds like this is more common of a problem than they want to admit, since they really dont know much about it. Good luck to all of you that are affected by it, because i know it is terrible byproduct of back issues and post surgery , thanks.

  • This is an old post, but I’m going to add my thoughts. I can tell my back muscles are almost constantly in a state of spasm or guarding, specially when being active.  I would think that exertion could lead to excessive sweating. This is not from any doctor; just personal observation. 

  • I hear what you are saying. I had a two-part back surgery that has left me with uncontrollable upper trunk & extremity hyperhidrosis! Besides the embarrassment, it's a pain (edit) to sweat through shirts that look like you just came out of the pool! It's so bad that if we go out to eat with friends, I have to bring a backpack full of shirts! I will sweat through one on the way to the restaurant, one or two during dinner. Where I have to excuse myself and go to the car and get the towels and t-shirts to dry off and change. Then, of course, I have to change when we get home. This happens every day since my back surgery, but no one will help or give me a straight answer! I don't want to sue. I just want some relief and an answer to why! ANY SUGGESTIONS, HELP, OR EVEN A DOCTOR FOR ME TO GO SEE! I am open to anything. 

  • I know it has been a while and you might have answers, but if not, maybe this will help. I have severe degeneration throughout my entire spine & this happens to me. Before my spine degenerated, I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope (AKA Neurogenic Syncope) during a tilt table test. My cardiologist believes that ithas gotten worse because the Vagus nerve is being further pinched and hypersensitive due to the spine degeneration. You might want to consult with your primary and see if they’ll refer you to a cardiologist or an elecrocardiologist to evaluate for it. There are some medications and physical things you can do to reduce symptoms, which I use but laying down and allowing my spine to decompress some helps a lot. Good Luck & best wishes!

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