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Severe cervical pain..worsened over the past ten months. What is it?

beckyb92bbeckyb92 Posts: 1
edited 05/26/2018 - 3:26 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical

Basically, here is where it all began

In late 2017 I started to suffer chronic headaches. 24/7 agony. I was on the floor crawling and found no relief in medication. This went on for about three months, I kept going to drs and unwillingly the drs arranged a brain CT which they were hesitant about due to my young age. Results showed nothing and pain faded not long after

Around July 2017 I started suffering strong headaches originating from my neck and massive heart beats inside my head which made me feel sick. I felt like my head was being de-scalped so many times and felt a ripping sensation pulling my head backwards. Also weird “liquid like” sensations in my head. This continued to neurological symptoms such as speech issues, clumsiness and other things I’ve forgotten now. I felt awful. Dr said nothing was wrong. Other drs said migraines

One time I couldn’t speak at all with th . When ever I’ve had speech issues I had pain in my lower neck. The neck pain continued (middle neck at back) along with stiffness and speech and sometimes severe neck pain. 

The speech issues have continued and I have not had any scans about it. 

I have always felt my neck bones are a bit weird but maybe normal? I feel a bump inside my head that is new but I suffered a concussion a few weeks ago. I am not convinced I suffered one. I believe it was something else. I whacked my head slightly on a headboard and felt all these brain tumours symptoms...speech..confusion..etc but it has been weeks and still the same stuff. Mum isn’t convinced it was the head bump due to how minor it was. 

I have also heaviness and tingling in limbs and arm issues for at least a year..especially the left. Pain is severe at times. 

I now have had (past few days) severe weakness, bradycardia, chest pain (hits same time as neck pain?) tachycardia and a burning sensation..nausea..confusion, severe trouble opening my eyes in the morning, short term memory loss, tinnitus..low blood pressure and just really scary junk. This morning I had a massive migraine and last two nights horrid nausea and a spiralling sort of sensation when my eyes are shut...

No shop bought pain killers kill all the pain. The pain is really really bad and nothing like I’ve felt before. It never goes away. It feels like a pressure getting bigger a bigger till it wants to blow

I’m concerned I’ve developed a brain or spinal tumour since I have had a brain ct, a chest CT (suspected dvt) and several unnessary chest X-rays because if hiatus hernia pain. I’m 26. I’m scared just waiting here 

I’m seeing a specialist in under 4 months (depends when they can make a time)  as I can’t afford private health care. It sucks but I’m unemployed. 

Does anyone know what this could be? I know no one can diagnose it just is driving me nuts I’ve been suffering for 10 months of ongoing pain and nothing is done for me! 



  • Before all this started did you take a fall maybe injured your upper back or neck, pressure on the nerves in the upper spine and neck will wreak havoc on your body. I would keep a journal of your ailments and discuss it with the specialist I suspect he will want to do a few more MRIs until then maybe try icing and or heat pads on the neck see if it helps. Gl

  • The couple things I think of you can research and present to your practitioners are - **autonomic dysfunction/dysautonomia.  This is secondary to something else, can ask them to help diagnose and control the symptoms.  It causes heart rate and BP issues.  I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and OH (orthostatic hypotension) personally. My other thought was - have you looked into a csf leak as a cause for your headaches?  The headaches are positional though, typically improving within 1/2 hour.  Lots of good stuff you can look into, then present to your doc to discuss if you think it might apply.  Good luck, chronic headaches are a bummer.

    ACDF w/Corpectomy C3-6 12/8/14 ; Laminectomy C3-6  5/19/2016

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  • I recently got an X-ray of my neck and am waiting results. They did both sides and back. I can’t get an mri yet. I have such severe Pain at times which goes upwards. The memory loss is worsening and I’m losing sense of time. I am kinda scared of this. I’m spacing out a LOT

    I can walk fine and nothing abnormal otherwise 

  • You might also want to look into and read up on chairi malformation 

  • Sorry for no update. Neck X-ray was clear. Pain has worsened and is not cervical but lower skull. I have parathesia all over my body now

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  • what has your doctor recommended? do you have a neurologist yet or find a second opinion form a different doctor? it may not be your spine...and I know it's tough to get appointments even if one is paying expensive insurance. also  not all doctors are diligent and caring.

  • You didn’t mention a cervical or brain MRI. If in your shoes I’d be requesting a cervical and brain MRI.

  • Anyone ever check to see if your occipital nerve was pinched? This is very painful and can cause debilitating migraines. Your neck xray was clear but that's not ruling out the Occipital Nerve or a pinched artery reducing blood flow and could cause most of your symptoms.

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