Being told by pain management doctors I’ve consulted when moving to another state that with combination of Morphine Sulphate ER (just removed from Oxycontin ER) for keeping all pain level throughout the day with Norco for breakthrough, that the Soma/Carisoprodol I’ve also been taking — all meds on & off over 20 years now — for the horrible muscle spasms in my back and radicular pain in my leg (due to scar tissue enveloping my sciatic nerve that CANNOT be removed) that the Soma “will kill me” and that it will no longer be manufactured thereby... that’s it, end of story, you CANNOT have what has been WORKING!!  Has anyone else been told the same? How is it I am not dead??  Is it that by removing what works for me and will obviously put me in more pain and make me even less active better for the U.S. government and State law now that my doctors are AFRAID to give us what works so they can CYA???  I am livid as this new doctor and clinic I moved to after an awful experience with another, has left me in a lurch by not even allowing a taper and/or alternative.  Although, yet again, pressure, pressure, pressure to try a SCS.  I have done extensive research on these devices and after 2 psych evals have proven I am NOT a candidate, these doctors seemingly are taking away the medications that WORK and push these UNWANTED devices!!  Anyone having same issues... NOT being prescribed Soma/Carisoprodol and/or be pressured to have a SCS implant?



  • I was on zanaflex (tizanadine) for years, then baclofen, then both baclofen and tizanadine, before switching to Soma a few years ago. I just had my meds refilled and nothing was said to me regarding Soma becoming unavailable.

  • I checked GoodRx News and didn’t see anything about Soma being discontinued. It’s also inexpensive. Without insurance about $12.

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    The reason they don't want to prescribe is because it's one of the drugs that addicts like to abuse.  Addicts on the street with no prescription will take Soma with their Heroin/Fentanyl and then die.  It's not even certain that they're getting it from patients since many pills are illegally imported from overseas and go directly to the black market.  So to most doctors that means that legitimate pain patients can't have it anymore.  The CDC (which has no business practicing medicine) also recommends to not prescribe Soma with opiates....

    I know what you mean about moving states and being treated lawful.  I've experienced that myself.  Some states are MUCH more anti-drug than others.  You could try and visit every single doctor in a reasonable distance and see what they say.  If they all say the same thing then maybe you should think about moving back.  I'm also thinking about moving back to my home state.

  • Soma has been around since the 50's and is still manufactured and available. Like you, it is the only muscle relaxant that provides relief for me. The problem is that Soma has become a popular street drug which is used to potentiate the effect of other drugs; mainly narcotics. So, in a nutshell because Soma is a popular drug of abuse, Docs are hesitant to prescribe it even when proven to be effective. It has been made a controlled drug and like narcotics any prescriptions for it are tracked pretty closely.  Again, a big THANK YOU to all the idiots who abuse these and other meds for making life hell for those of us with legitimate problems that require these medications and because of your behavior can no longer obtain them!!!!!

  • I loved carisoprodol but it only worked (for me) for about a week. My current doctor won’t prescribe it anyway. 

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  • I have been taking Soma since the 80s as it is the only muscle relaxant that works for me besides valium. Last years I heard the same story from my doc about Soma. Did some research and found that it had been made a controlled drug and found that apparently a lot of folks love to abuse it. OK, whatever floats your boat but it just pisses me off when these arbitrary decisions are made that affect folks because some idiot needs to get high!! Anyway, Soma is still around and I get my 90 day supply like clockwork although I need to show my drivers license and answer a ton of questions when I go to pick it up.      I feel that they think if it's tooo much of a hassle to obtain then folks will stop abusing it..... Unreal..

  • Hi! I don't have time to read all the comments on here right now, but I will get to them later.

    As for the OP's question: Yes! They have taken away my Soma as well after 16 or so years on it! No taper!

    It is a super med for me. Not only is it a muscle relaxer that actually works - unlike all the others. It is also the ONLY thing that actually works to help me sleep and it worked for sleep consistently! I have had severe problems with sleep meds. Also, I have anxiety, which is part of the reason for sleep issues, but the Soma helped with that as well!

    I am being livid about this new crap! The CDC and the FDA, and any other part of the government involved absolutely should NOT be involved! They do not know the medical records on each individual. If they ever met me and learned my history, they probably would realize that their little uninformed rules do not apply to me.

    Besides the Soma, right now I am dealing with trying to get to a new pain doctor because the LPN that I'm currently seeing confirmed a month or so ago that he doesn't care about his patients and is pretty much nothing more than a government peon/drone.

    Unfortunately, the new doctor I'm trying to get in to see also doesn't prescribe Soma anymore from what I've been told. But she is much better about other things I'm told.

    I have started trying to do any kind of research I can, to see if there is anyone or any way for me to be able to get Soma back.

    If any of you have any ideas, I would love to hear them, and of course, if I find any ideas I will let you know!

    I need to get off the internet right now, but I intend to come back to read all the comments and explain a little more about my experiences and hopefully get or give some new insight. 

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