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New dx scoliosis and bone spurs

I was just dx with mild thoriac upper and mid scolisis. Along with bone spur in my L1 and T12 vertebrae. 

I was struck with this horrible back pain that radiated to both ribs, heaviness in my chest and shortness of breath. I feared a heartache but the ER said that it was Probaly muscler and sent me home. You see...I do not recall have any problems with my back beside some neck and shoulder pain. 

The pain did not get any better after a few days so I saw my primary. She did a xray and told me that the xray came back fine. 

My result were uploaded on the portal. And what I read has me a little consfused

Mild scolisis in thoricac mid and upper back. And bone spurs.

Why wouldn't my doctor tell me of this. The lady said that the reason she didn't tell me was because it is so mild. Had I not read the actual report I would have never known. 

My doctor also would not give me any direction on what I should do next. 

Your thoughts,




  • hi Kris

    I would be upset with my doctor and I would tell them, its your body and you pay them for answers as to what is wrong. I would also look for another doctor and at a second oppion. there are exersizes for scoliosis. some times that's all you need, to make it stronger in that area and some good stretches. I would ask about that to start. sorry you were trated that way..i hate how doctor keep stuff from us..why do we pay so much for so little.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,482

    hello kris
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    i agree with xrobynx, get a second opinion but also a mri. i too am sorry you had to go through this and find out the way you did. also, ask what your cobb angle is, it can be measured from your x-ray. 

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  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 1,489

    I would be upset that i wasnt told, but i would also caution you that people can have bone spurs and no problems whatsoever, so the doctor also (wrongly in my opinion) might not have wanted you to worry about something that might be nothing. 

    On my mri i had bone spurs off the front of my spine that were 2 cm long!  They took them off during surgery, but those never bothered me. They formed because of wear and tear over years of abusing my back.  The scoliosis is more bothersome i think-that the doctor didnt mention it. The thoracic spine is fairly any curves are not "normal" unless you were standing twisted funny for the xray.  If there is a scoliosis going on there you can watch it and check every so often and make sure its not getting worse....but i totally agree the doctor should have communicated this to you!

    Can you get a second opinion?  Theres something going on if you hurt that bad....

    Veritas-Health Moderator
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  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 953
    rudy1 - I could not determine from your posting if you are working with a spine specialist.  If not, please for your sake, engage one.  I am not familiar with the specialists for treatment of scoliosis.
    From my own experience, bone spurs are usually the body trying to compensate for spine weakness that your body has sensed.  My guess is that it is more prudent to address the causes first.  I do understand that bone spurs can become very problematic.  I had spurs and osteophytes in my neck that caused swallowing issues.  I was able to get the osteophytes and spurs removed as part of my last cervical fusion. 
    I hope that you can find a specialist that can find a proper diagnosis and work with you to get quality of life improvements.    


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