4 pills per day limit, is this legit?



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    I was hit by a semi last Nov. Hospital 2 weeks, rod in leg, C4-C7 fusion, plate with 10 screws in my neck, can't be on my feet or walk (with cane) for any length of time, oh and bruised my S.Cord in my neck, Dr. Didn't bother to tell me this until 5 months later.

    Explains why my right arm and leg are experiencing nerve problems.

    Anyway, I was getting gabapentin, morphine 15mg 12 hr slow release and oxy 5mg out of hospital.

    And took all this and more for 2 months at home.

    I quit the gabapentin, and the morphine sr I tried on its own, was out of oxy, I quit morphine too, it sucks and didn't do anything on its own.

    Now I take some old some new that my doc added like B-12, Bp pills etc. The only thing I've been taking that's gives me moments of relief from pain is the oxy 10's.


     they do have 15 and 30 mg oxy.

    Last week I got my scripts as usual I drop them off as always, then they call and say they can only give 7 day at a time for oxy, unless they clear it with my doc, some new rule they say.

    The pharmacist tells me with my Insurance (a good plan) I get 7 day's, but without Ins. He could use discount card only but I'd pay more and get 30 day supply.

    I'm like really? I told him that makes no sense at all, and how does that stop people that don't have ins. But have $$ from abusing the system from people that have legit Ins. And legit Dr.?

    He just said sorry that's a new rule.

    After waiting and playing phone tag with pharmacy and Dr. For 2 hrs. I got my scripts. What bs that is.

    God bless.

  • I'm going through the same BS here in NJ!! After only 2 weeks post op, (I had Ant/post LIF ...cut front AND have this MAJOR nerve pain going from my butt down the back of my leg...and my pain mngt dr decides to cut my percocet from 15mg down to 5mg.....1 pill every freaking 6 hours!?!? So now I am 5 weeks post op and havent been able to do any kind of walking since my meds were cut down. I've been with my pain dr over 7 yrs and he knows me! He knows I ALWAYS follow his strict medication rules, but still cuts my meds 2 weeks after surgery. My surgeons nurse told me there was nothing they could do on their end being that I already went and got my RX filled. Well DUH! WTF was I supposed to do being my pain doc last patient on a fri night? n I used to have such high regards for my dr....

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  • I really have no major injury or am recovering from surgery, yet my pain levels have been high all along. I'll be going to PT soon, referred by spinal surgeon I saw recently. From there to a shoulder doctor for my possible nerve entrapment. Saw my pain doctors last week, they're okay putting me back on what I was using, 5 pills a day. They have some justification as the previous 2 things they tried did not work.

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