So I gave Kratom a try

There was an old thread on Kratom from 2011 that got locked. I had bought some Kratom late in 2016, never used it until now. The strain is Maeng Da Red and I bought a 100 gram bag for around $50 plus some empty capsules. Since my new opioid prescription is leaving me with a pain level of 8, I have nothing to lose.

I made up a number of capsules, about .4 grams each (I have a good scale). I sat down, took 2. Within an hour my pain was down to a 6, take 2 more. Now the level is around a 4 and I can function around the house. I took 2 before bed and slept all night.

The recommended dose for this strain is between .5 and 3 teaspoons (dry weight). With my 6 capsules, I'm in at the low end at .5 tsp. I tsp is = to 11 capsules. I suggest that anyone trying it for the first time, start off conservatively.



  • One of my co-workers tried it and said she was, in her words "really mellow".  I'm not a big fan at all of supplementing pain meds that are prescribed, but based on the crackdown, I think more and more people will have to resort to it for relief. 

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    I would caution anyone to be very careful with kratom. I've read too many horror stories about trying to stop it, and the withdrawal. I am not sure how kratom is viewed by PM doctors and that can be trouble if your doctor does not approve.

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  • I will keep it quiet. Everything I read so far doesn't have it showing up in urine tests for drug screening.

  • I took around 4 grams of it yesterday total. Still under 1 tsp of a dose which is on the low side. Last night my pain level was the lowest it has been in the past week and I slept all night. This morning I felt better and have yet to take any prescription drug. I took a 1/2 tsp (2.3 grams) of the kratom a short while ago. This is a stop-gap measure and something to fall back on only. Once I get my prescription straightened out with PM I plan to stop it. What they prescribed for me does not work.

  • LTee43 Hello was wondering what strain you purchased and also where did you buy it Amazon? Would love to try due to Doctors just leaving me in the wind and saying well your implant looks good.........ok great two thumbs way up!!!! How about the pain I am still struggling with. Just had my 5th back surgery in Jan. Thanks in advance 

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  • Mine came from a place in NJ, starts with "Green", not sure I can post the name of the place in full here. I've seen it sold at vape shops in NY.

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