Surgery this week for Bilateral SI Joint Fusions, I have so many questions...

I would love to hear from anyone who had bilateral SI Joint fusion. I am scheduled to have both my SI Joints fused this week and would love to know more about the surgery, hospitalization and recovery.  Can you tell me when you were able to be weight bearing, how long before you could bend twist, walk, etc...

Any and all information would be appreciated.  A little background on me... we were in a terrible motor vehicle accident in 2014.  The person who hit us was ejected from his vehicle and passed away that day.  My DIL was driving the car and was the only one who could barely get out of the car.  The rest of us had to be cut out of the van.  The impact was on my side of the passenger door and I think I took the brunt of the impact.  I am 59 years old and was 55 at the time of the accident.  I had previous neck and back problems, disc bulges, pain, etc but since the accident I have had to have my C4-C6 fused; 8 weeks later my L4-S1 fused.  Then the following year they went in through the front (ALIF) and refused my L4-S1 and added more hardware as my bones had not fused (and still have not fused).  My SI joints are now the suspected culprit of much of my pain and I did have some relief with injections but they didn't last long.  I have terrible back, buttock pain and burning across the bottom of my buttocks, hip pain (in addition to my lower back and my neck at times).  My bilateral SI joint fusion is scheduled for the 7th of June and I am looking for any and all information I can get concerning the surgery hospitalization and recovery.  

As far as I know my neurosurgeon (he has done all my surgeries) is not using the I fuse system, I think they mentioned something about Harrington Instrumentation.  He said something about running the large screws through the SI joint and attaching them to my existing back hardware.  I am in constant and chronic pain and am looking for any type of relief I can get.

Thank you so much, have a wonderful day!




  • Hi Rachael

    This terrible accident has left you with ongoing issues to deal with and I hope we can support you through this surgery.

    Please add a comment to the June Surgery Buddies group to join in.

    I hope the added link with help you locate further information about your recovery.

    Take care


  • Rachael - how are you doing three weeks after your surgery? I had left iFuse and am not doing very well one year later. I hope you are feeling well.


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