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How to treat pain



  • It is beyond me how our government and those involved in this war on an individual level can live with what they are doing.  Leaving people to struggle with pain everyday of their lives is tantamount to cruelty of the highest level.  I can only hope and pray this injustice is reversed in the near future. 

    Life is replete with turning points.  Most come and go without the realizations of them doing so.  Pain is a burden of the highest magnitude.  It reaches into the soul.  It is heartless and cruel.  I takes away all hope and leaves anguish and tears in exchange.  Have we replaced our humanity with rules and regulations destined to leave unfortunate chronic pain patients in total agony? 

    I can make no sense of what is happening with this war on opioids.  As it appears all common sense has left us, I am going to turn my efforts in a new direction.  I will appeal to one who is higher in authority than mere men.  I will pray for us all.  God have mercy on us please.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,125
    I know many people have already seen this... The Blend Its not a cook book, just a concept on the various ways in managing chronic pain.

    So many of us, do depend on opioids for pain relief. I am one of them. But every day I try to find ways that I can cut out or reduce what I need. I've been successful in reducing the daily amount. But then there are the flare ups. I am dealing with a timeframe for a complete knee replacement because of Arthritis and that I have a partial torn meniscus. Every time I think I can get down on my meds, something seems to pop up.

    Just been charging my Tens unit so, that is a daily activity right now
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  • Ron I totally agree the "Blend" is a great help in treating pain.  I also make use of many options to lower my pain.  Ice and heat are of great help to me.  That being said the biggest gun in our arsenal are opioids.  This is what gets our pain levels down and keeps them at a tolerable level for a few hours. 

    Ron I know your profile and totally believe your have experienced much pain in your lifetime.  Believe me my prayer to God is for us all to be healed and not need meds at all.  I never would have believed in a million years letting people suffer without meds would ever happen in this country.  I have always considered the US a country in which compassion was first and foremost.  It just breaks my heart to see people suffer when we have a means to help.


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