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Prialt Trial

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Hi, I just joined today and have read many posts and decided to post my situation. Before I start, I just want to say to everyone here how sorry I am that you all suffer pain. It’s a very difficult and lonely life we lead as we are so misunderstood. Unless one is in chronic pain 24/7 no one gets it.

  Everyone on my mom’s side of the family suffers from back pain. I can remember from childhood years how my back would hurt often.  My monthly menstral cycle always pained my back and during labor the pain was all in my back.  I have battled with my weight all my life. When my back finally gave out, I was physically fit, power walking 3 miles 4 times a week. I suffered terrible pain in my back but heck, I was looking good. Then I had gotten pneumonia, relapsed and had gotten double pneumonia and while I was in the hospital my back simply gave out. The pain was excruciating. MRI’s and CAT and X-rays revealed L-5, S-1 were slipping. Back fusion surgery # 1 was necessary in 2002. My level of pain increased during that following year making it necessary for me to be on heavy duty narcotics. I was taking 11x 80’s daily and 16 x fentanyl (buccal/sublingual) tablets daily for breakthrough pain. I still suffered horrifying pain.  Fusion back surgery #2 was needed but I opted for a gastric bypass hoping the weight loss would offer me help in the pain department. It did not. 2004 was my next fusion surgery. Pain only increased however, I weaned off of the fentanyl regardless as I started having terrible side effects. I also weaned down to 9 x 60’s.  2012 was my third back fusion done in [edit] I stayed there for 11 days as I had gotten sepsis. The following year I fell badly. I failed to mention during all this time that I fell many times.  But that one fall broke a rod and 2014 I had my 4th back fusion again at the  [edit].  My dear mother-in-love died that same day.  I may have my years wrong, it’s very possible as everyday was the same repeated nightmare of pain.

 Okay, I’ve tried acupuncture, I had a Medtronic spinal stimulator installed along with the battery inplanted on my butt. Horrible, didn’t help. Had it removed. Tried the TRIAL for a morphine pump, never felt any relief. Edpidermals, facet shots, you name it, I tried it. Now I’m going through with the Prialt trial. I’m scared! I’ve heard what we all have heard. The psychotic episodes!!! I’m already depressed and confined to my bed now for years. But what choice do I have? This is my story. I’d love to hear whatever anyone has to say about their horrid back stories and the results from their Prialt experiences. I will be having this done next month. 

 Thank you for reading my short novel. God bless you all. I’ve got good shoulders should anyone need to talk. I care.

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  • I left a long explanation of my situation and I’m not in the forum. 

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  • Hi Betsy- It has been a while since you started Prialt. I would love to hear how you have progressed with the medication. I was put on it about 5 years ago. I agreed to a 6 month trial. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I felt as if I had lost my mind or had been given some sort of psychedelic drug. I expressed my feelings to my doctor but for some reason, he wanted me to try to fulfill the 6 month commitment. I really tried. I woke up to music playing in my head every day. During the day, it was football games, more music, you name it, if it was on the radio or tv, it was playing in my head. I finally made up my mind to have the Prialt removed from the pump when my phone rang and I reached for it and it turned into an ugly toy. That was it. Not only was I having auditory hallucinations but, now I was having visual hallucinations. I will make a long story very short. The reason I signed on here tonight is because it has been over 5 years since I had Prialt in my body and for the past week, I have been inundated with music in my head. It is not loud enough to enjoy, just enough to aggravate or drive one crazy. It has happened sporadically through the years but doesn't usually last this long. I don't know what to do. I have tinnitus, insomnia and on top of that, music!

    That is about me. What about you?

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    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. As Liz stated, the member you replied to is no longer with us. But it would be a great benefit to other members if you started a new discussion that will go on the forum.

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