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Do I have a chance at SSDI?

Hi, I like this forum, it's of great insight n good to know I'm not the only one in pain. I'm 41 yrs, had work as an LVN in CA.  I suffer from: polyneuropathy at cervical and lumbar, bulging discs, myofascial pain, spondylosis, multi level spinal stenosis, I have bad burning pain in my left leg all day with no relief specially when sitting and, can't be standing up for long times because of low back pain . Pretty much affects me in my job/ or any job. I'm thinking of applying for SSDI but don't know if my conditions might be severed enough all together to qualify me? I will appreciate any feedback. Thanks.



  • Ssdi is a tricky thing. I've known some that got it asap for minor thing while other like me took a lawyer and 18 months for it. One of the main issue is are you still working ? and if not are you financial able to possibly wait all those months too. You do have alot going on so chances in the end you will be approved but it could take time. Took me 2 denial and a hearing to get it. Like I said around 18 months. I'm not trying to scare you off from it though either just stating the facts.

    If your not able to work do apply..if they deny that you first get another shot at a appeal . If that doesn't get it then get a lawyer but wait till those first 2 tries before getting one

    My best wishes too you

  • Hi Boo thanks for response, if u dont mind me askingn? did u had similar conditions to mine and are of a round my age?

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  • Lenny2LLenny2 Posts: 3
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    Hi, well I wanted to share,that I applied for SSDI, I'm using ############. I hope I can be of lucky ones that get approval at 1 st try. If not I'm preparing mentally to be in for a long run or ( limping) should I say?, Anyhow, please reply if anyone has been successful  with any of these conditions. Thanks

  • Well, seems we all have had many of the same problems but with varying degrees. I am a long time severe pain from back sufferer. I went thru many tests both physical & mental during my SSDI process 2 1/2 years ago. Denied, appealed, and denied again. As a result, kept busting my hump through the pain to put food on the table. They will require exams from their stock of doctors that no one would ever choose to see. Anything to stall and further frustrate seems to be the m.o...By the time I couldn't bear it anymore I had 5 disc herniations and then a spondylythesis to go with significant stenosis throughout the lumbar region. Having found a surgeon willing to take me on, I have what feels like a good back in the making (multi-level laminectomies L2-S1 & double fusion L4L5, L5S1. Be careful waiting too long. The amount of nerve decompression can later result in some scary neurological issues.

    Been through it, ask anything that might help you.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

    Another aspect they will look at is the list of corrective actions that you have taken in attempt to minimize your condition.

    Surgeries, Physical Therapy, Epidurals, etc     I wasnt sure from reading your initial post is if you have had any surgery.

    Also alot depends on which state you live.  Up here in the northeast it is very difficult to get SSDI.   People cervical and lumbar stenosis, multiple herniated discs, degenerating osteoarthritis, neuropathy and much more have a difficult time.   Now, down south, (not mentioning the state) , submit an application with some brief description and SSDI is yours!   Those same people though can go out ride a bike for 10 miles or more, swim, jog, etc.   Bottom line there is no real set guidelines that will apply to everyone.   But, if you want to do so, I would suggest hiring a lawyer.  Trying it on your own can be frustrating.

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  • Lenny

    Disability can be tough to get, I applied in Jan. 2018, so far I have been denied twice, I am on my third appeal, my surgeon has been after me for 4 years to quit work and apply, I live in N.C. you cannot do any kind of work while you are applying so it can get tight real quick.


    Veritas-Health Moderator

  •  I'd like to add something to this thread

       First off if you thinking or planning on applying for social security disability I would also suggest you make a appointment with your local SS office near you to go over your options they aren't the enemy they can be very helpful in determining which benefits you need to apply for.

    First there are several.

       You have SSI which is a income base somewhat like a welfare system. Your income and assets are use to determine it ..its mostly used by people that dont have enough work credits. The amount of your benefit will be alot lower

    Then you have SSDI which is based on work history must have put in a certain amount of work credits in the system to apply for it..

       Do you have children under the age of 18 ? Well they too will get a small supplemental benefit. 

       Are you a widow or widower? After the age of 50 if you apply you can choose between your credits or your deceased spouses credit whichever gives you the higher monthly payment. 

      Medicare..well you wont get it right away. When I got SSDI I had to wait a year I think its longer now.

      But mostly you want to beable to explore your options and have them help you apply for the best one.

       Yes its important to have a doctor deem your permanent and total..but it didnt seem to make a difference with me..I was even considered un trainable under workers comp and I still had to go through 2 denials and a hearing even after multiple surgeries and other issues. Crazy right ? And I had a friend who's son applied the same time as me..he was only 20 otherwise healthy but suffered panic attacks and he got it in less then 4 mainly has to do with who is handling your file and how strict they are following those rule books. 

  • Please listen to Ron and Boo.  Do find a SS attorney and meet with them as they know exactly the best way to go about applying.  Going over everything with your local SS office is also a great idea.  They can tell you how many credits you have and be aware that work credits do expire.  I know someone who found that out the hard way.  And yes you will have to see any doctor they deem necessary.  I remember the one they sent me to and he was quite interesting to put it nicely.

    They want to see that you have worked with a doctor (the longer the better) and have tried everything within reason to better your situation. My attorney worked with my Doctor because she knew exactly what the paperwork needed to say.  Not to say it wasn't true, but that he included everything he needed to.  Then an Administrative Law Judge goes over all of it and either grants it or schedules a hearing that you and your attorney will have to attend.  I was lucky that mine was granted without a hearing.  But I had 9 years with just that one doctor that I saw at least twice a month and he had sent me to lots of specialists over the years as well.

    After I started working with the attorney I think it was about about six months when I my back pay check.

    Just dig in and get started and I will pray that all goes well.

  • jerseymike01jjerseymike01 OregonPosts: 85
    edited 04/25/2019 - 2:28 AM

    Apply by all means but expect what is almost an automatic disqualification. Smartest thing is to hire an attorney that specializes in disability. [edit]. I had been turned down multiple times . Sucks but most disability claims work the same way..

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  •  Jersey is correct make sure to hire one that specializes in it.

       I applied on my own at first and also reapplied when I got the first denial. Onething I think is hard on alot of people and they give up on the first or 2nd denial is the fact SSDI is something you apply for once you cant work ...but being out on disability payments or sick leave doesnt disqualify you and you can recieve those checks and still apply.

       My husband was out on sick leave and recieving his regular pay checks and applied. Of course his was approved right away. But he still got his back SSDI payments even though he was still being paid. Also know once awarded it then they deduct 6 month off so if your approved going back 2 years prior when your awarded SSDI you will get one and a half years of back SSDI not 2 years. Plus this is also when the lawyers take their fees too.

       Most apply themselves the first time then SSDI tells you to reapplied for a second look. Alot again get denied..alot of lawyers want you to wait till your atleast denied 1x before coming to them.

     Medical history is important I was in non stop active treatment still am..SS will ask you for a listing of ALL doctors seen as well as medical testing and they will get all your records so no need gathering them up or putting money out to have copies made.

     And from time to time you might have a so far I havent had one..but remember my friends son age 20 when he got it for panic attacks..well they've pulled multiple ones on him so far..matter of fact hes having yet another one..they've done it too him almost every 2 years so far.

     Also N2braves was correct work credits do expire so please dont sit back too long would be ashame to find out your a quarter short when your too ill to work.

      They have many other little funny rules that why I recommend getting a appointment with your local office to go over your credit history and option before you apply. You can have both a retirement and SSDI but one might play off the other. Like David I too get a retirement payments but I also get SSDI. But sometimes one does play against the other by maybe getting a lesser retirement verses SSDI and vice versa. Again a good thing to ask your local office.

      I could go on and on lol


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