Efficacy of Nucynta in extended use

As I write, a part of me wishes to remain uninformed regarding this topic, and yet here I am asking the question.  Like so many here I too have gone through an extensive list of treatment regimens for chronic back pain. Most recently my pain management specialist has prescribed Nucynta (non ER). It has reduced my pain level to a 3-4 on a 1-10 scale when I take it at least once a day and up to 3x a day on the bad days.  I appreciate the fact that this medication just mitigates the pain - I don’t feel “drugged” or impaired. I do not drink alcohol nor do I take any other pain meds other than Lyrica for diabetic neuropathy. 

My hope is that taking this medication at its lowest dosage, 50mg, will allow me to have relief more long term than previous meds. So far, I don’t feel I’ve developed any tolerance that would require asking to increase the dosage or move to an extended release form. This leads me to asking the question I really didn’t want to ask: Does anyone else have experience with Nucynta that is contrary to my experience? I have perused the Pain Med thread but have found little information. Perhaps Nucynta is not as widely prescribed as othe like meds. I do know that each time I present my prescription for refill the pharmacy has to place an order since thy do not keep #90 pills in stock. This was found to be the case in checking with all the major Rx in my area.

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    Nucynta works so so for me. Not great but not terrible.

    There’s no generic for Nucynta and won’t be for another four or five years so many insurance companies prefer to pay for a comparable medication with generic option (Percocet, Vicodin, etc).

    Doctors are aware that most insurance companies don’t want to pay for Nucynta and therefore prescribe alternatives.

    Even with a prior authorization many insurance companies will still deny Nucynta based on other (similar) options being available.

    One benefit of Nucynta to me is that it doesn’t give me heartburn like most other opioids.

    I also like that Nucynta doesn’t contain Tylenol or Advil (less strain on my liver and kidneys).
  • I did terribly on Nucynta and my doctor put me back on Oxycodone I was on... I see them this week, have to see what else they want me to try. Nucynta made me dizzy and do not try doubling up on them!

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  • Nucynta is the only drug that works for me.  For terrible nerve pain.  Any other pain killer just doesn’t help 

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