Got my MM card today confused more then ever.

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Well it came today the MM card. It also came with a handbook  I know there's been alot of talk on here about cbd. In the handbook it discussed about the 2 types Sativa and Indica. Now this is where I am getting confused sative is high in thc and lower in cbd .it's states it energizes and stimulate you and makes you more focus and creative .

Indica on the other hand is higher in cbd but lower in thc  help with relaxing and sleep ect. Both have lowering pain properties 

Now the confusion sets in I always thought thc was  suppose  to be the relaxer and  gave you a chilled out feeling help you sleep thing. But according to this handbook its the opposite .



  • I understand Boo. I was pretty confused too and still am somewhat.  The booklet is correct, the higher cbd ratio to thc has less of the euphoric feelings associated with mj use. 

    My night time version is 20:1 CBD/THC ratio. I didn't want the euphoria of I can avoid it. There are ratios in between too.

    The daytime version I have has almost no thc whatsoever.

    When you go to the dispensary, they will go over all of it with you, your needs and make as suggestions about which might be better and ratios of cbd/thc to try.

    One thing I found is expect to make changes, and perhaps use different combinations for different times of day/night.

  • Thank you Sandi . When I read it. It went against everything I thought but then again I don't smoke it. I'm planning on going to the dispensary Monday. I'd go today but don't want to battle traffic I live near the beach and this is the start of vacation traffic Ugh! and the closest dispensary is over 20 miles away. I called them 2 weeks ago just to get some idea. They told me they would walk me threw kind of a orientation. I asked if I needed a appointment they said no.

    I need something to knock me out at night. With all this pain in my neck and worse of it base of skull all on the left side. I'm not sleeping good been going on since Jan. A good night I wake 4ish a bad night which I'm now calling my 3 o'clock curtain call. Is getting really really old. That is one of the main reasons my dr thought it would help.

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  • That's the same reason I finally agreed to try. I have found the nighttime version does seem to help and I don't feel it, if you understand what I mean..I just eventually drift off to sleep. I literally wake every 15-30 minutes without using it .. it does seem to take about 1/2 -1 hour to take effect, but it's not impairing.

  • I need positive feedback like that Sandi cause I'm just dragging. With my pain level on overdrive and about a billion different pillows since Jan. I'm saying Uncle . Like I said knock me out. I don't mind if I sleep for a week at this point.

  • I understand there are capsules too, if you prefer those to the sublingual. I believe they take similar time frames to take effect. 

    I hope you find it helpful

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  • I also been reading the dispensary website seems in my state edibles are not aloud. Love the names though of some of bubblegum. Lol that seems to make it sound more appealing to the palet j/king. I am getting a kick out of some of their names.

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    NY doesnt have edibles at the local dispensary yet either, although I think they said they will soon.

    I dont know how I would feel about purchasing something that's supposed to be a medicine being referred to as

  • Lol tell me about it my thoughts exactly.  But sounds good I was wondering if it smelled like bazooka or bubbleyum myself. 

  • One pain practice close to me allows CBD treatments. I'm probably going to change doctors and go with the one that allows patients to try new things like CDB oil and other edibles. I'm not looking for the high, just something to help me sleep and get through my days.

  • I just wanted to say how happy I am for y'all  that are in medical marijuana states and are fortunate to be able to try some alternatives...hope it works out for y"all and you see some benefits

    and especially those that are able to experiment with it while under pain management...I would love to be able to try to see how it would work...if it could even replace my breakthrough Rx and just take a couple of extended release pills 

    I'm thinking I'll be in a wheelchair due to old age before my state gets involved...will probably take legislation at the Federal level forcing them to accept our State Attorney said: only bad people use marijuana 

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