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lumbie l5 s1

shirleysshirley Posts: 193
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in New Member Introductions
hi new lumbie here. need all the info i can get :H


  • welcome to spine-health...
  • why does everyone on this site know exactly whats wrong with them except me? had back pain for 23 years only had x ray 2 months ago. letter from doc says spondy at l5 s1 with scheuermann type changes at thoraco-lumbar junction.been offered physio but dont think that will help had loads over the on diazepam an pain every day since glad i found this site my own doc didnt even know what i was talking about and had to beg for pain relief :S
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  • It sounds like you need to find a new doc that has experience with spine issues. Do you go to a pain management doc? I think for most of us we all had to run the gamut of trial and error and numerous diagnostics before getting a diagnosis. Good luck to you and please keep us posted. Don't forget about the tabs at the top of this page such as conditions and treatments. they are very informative.
  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. perhaps now is the time to try pt again!! you never know when a treatment will start to work. good luck!! Jenny :)
  • thanks im feeling a bit more positive today. i know compared to most on the site that i have a little problem but it really helps to know that others care when you are in pain. just afraid that physio will make me in more pain. when i finally got to see spine doc at hosp he said the physio i had been given by my gp surgery was wrong exercises and had aggrevated my back even more. kept telling physio i was in more pain but she said it was in my head. if i could get rid of the pain in my buttocks that is there day and night and get some sleep i would feel so much better. have cut my hours at work down but that only puts money worries on top of everything else. my husband is great but he doesnt understand why i talk about it all the time. i work in a pharmacy so i see people in a lot more pain than me just wish i could feel there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel i am in
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  • You know your body better than anyone. If a particular movement or excercise aggravates the situation, that is your body telling you something is wrong. You don't have to down-play your pain for anyone. What you feel is real. Wecome to SH and hope you find the relief you need.
  • You remind me of me. When I first started going to the doctors for my back problems, I'd look at the other patients in the waiting room and think to myself "Gosh, I feel like a wuss. All these people here seem to be much worse off than I do... I don't belong here!" And I'd ask my docs if they thought I was being a big baby to tell me, and I'd get over myself and get on with life. But, none ever did. I had a herniation at L5-S1 that pressed on that particular nerve. I could not stand up straight for more than 3 seconds; couldn't sit down for more than a few seconds either. My right leg was in excruciating pain.

    I had hemilaminectomy surgery and felt better just as soon as I woke up from surgery. BUT, I kept thinking I'd get better soon enough and kept putting off the surgery. Now I have permanent nerve damage, from waiting so long...

    For me, being able to come in here and vent or ask questions or share a laugh or 2 has been the best treatment. Being around those who understand sure makes me feel validated.

    Agriman is correct. You know your body better than anyone. Just because they are specialists in their chosen fields, doesn't mean they know everything. I had to fire one doctor because he was not hearing what I was saying. When I finally had a doctor who listened, it made all the difference in the world.

    What I meant to say, is Welcome to Spine Health. Hope you can get the treatment you need so you can feel better soon!

  • had 1st app for physio today. she hadnt even seen my x rays :jawdrop: cant start exercise prog till nov they are fully booked. feel so frustrated. not going to let it pull me down though. really helping me to know all you guys are out there for support. cheers :)))
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