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Been in Pain everyday for the last 2 years

Im 22 years old and 2 years ago I was in a horrible car accident I thought I would have recovered fully by now but I have been in pain everyday since. My injuries were broken hip shattered kneecap broken tibula broke femur a compression fracture in my back  and a couple ribs and all my brakes were on my left side  i also crushed my spleen and my liver. I did a lot of physical therapy and everything seemed to get better but my back and my hip my back has been bothering me the worst since the accident but they never seem too concerned about it they were always focused on my hip but I have pain every single day sometimes it's mild and sometimes it's unbearable. I went back to the doctor recently because my back pain got so bad I couldn't walk or hardly breathe it was a different kind of pain I've never felt before she said my spine was starting to twist so she cracked it and it felt better for a while that pain was gone but it never got rid of the original pain iv been haveing sense the accident i always have a burning aching feeling in  my middle back and it shoots to my ribs to the front of me sometimes it's hard to breathe in and sometimes no matter if I'm sitting or standing or laying nothing I do will make me comfortable. My hip also has pain but it's very mild on and off and just when I'm walking on comes and goes a couple times a month so I haven't been too concerned about that but my back is the main issue I've seen a spinal specialist I have went back to the doctor several times and all they tell me to do is stretch I stretch everyday twice a day doing the same things they've told me to do and still nothing seems to be working the only further tests they done were x-rays on my back I haven't had any CT scans on it so I don't know if they could be missing something or what else I can do?



  • Hiya, you seem to have posted this a month or two back so I hope you're still checking the site - I hardly ever post but was scanning the forum and your symptoms jumped out at me as I've been suffering from something similar (though mine was brought on by a significantly less major accident by the sound of it - misjudging how much I could lift at the gym...).

    Anyway, I have spent the last 7 months struggling with deep breathing and experiencing pain across my upper back, but particularly centred around a rib on the lower left side. The pain is rarely sharp unless I bend in an odd way but the feeling of dull pain and the inability to breathe deeply is near constant and has had a pretty big impact on my general wellbeing. I'm awaiting the results of an MRI and will post again when I receive said result, but I've now had a physio, chiro and osteopath all say that the most likely problem is a pretty messed up costovertebral joint - I think I've basically done in one of my ligaments or possibly some cartilage that was stabilising a lower rib, and now the rib is a bit floppy, throwing off the alignment of my breathing and causing all kinds of secondary symptoms, right down to finger numbness caused by tight shoulders. 

    I'm ranting now as anyone in chronic pain will when given the opportunity, but my reason for commenting was just to give you an idea of what could be the problem - try googling floating/slipping rib syndrome and see if it matches any of your symptoms - then stop googling cos I went mad googling stuff for like 6 months and it doesn't help - just go to a physio or osteo and mention this syndrome. They will probs use a combination of manipulation and core strengthening exercises that will hopefully get you on track for full recovery with time. Good luck and sorry to hear you're in pain, you aren't alone!

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