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HELP! Lower Back Pain Conundrum

My name is Rory. I am 27 years old. I hurt my back in May 2016. I belive i slipped a disc. I had pain shooting down my legs and they were weak. So i stayed in bed for 2 months. Then went back to work with pain still in my legs. I then started up physical therapy  in October 2016. They taught me streachs. By Dec I had no pain in back and legs were in great shape. No pain, no weakness. Then come Jan 2017 I pushed a cart through snow. And flared up my Sciatica. It went away except I had some numbness in my right foot. I went to doc. He sent me to a Spine Doc. Who then sent me to a chiropractor.(April 2018) So this is where my real struggle has started. She tryed manipulation on my lower back to try to fix my sciatica problem. Went a few times but it strained my lower back. I kept doing things to make it worse. Walking to far when back was strained, not giving my back rest when needed. So I stopped seeing her. And I keep reinjureing it worse and worse. About 3 weeks ago, i got out of bed wrong and I felt I slipped my disc again. I went to urgent care, doc told me she did not belive it was a slipped disc. I then went to my Primary Doc he told me it was just my muscles or tendions are torn. I have had 2 mri. One in Jan 2018 after pushing Cart. No slipped discs, some bulging. I had my 2nd in May 2018. Nothing, I even spent whole day researching MRI myself. It looked really good. About a week after 2nd MRI is when i got out of bed wrong. So i am on workers comp. I can't go to doc and ask for another MRI. They will def deny it. I went for a Walk on June 6, 2018. I went through the worst back pain in my life for a week straight. I was on maxed out ibrophine and muscle relaxers and still in excruciating pain. The next week i was Bed Bound. I could not walk, pain was residing. Then last week I was finally able to get up walk around, but not for to long, servere weakness in legs. So I woke up a few days ago. And was feeling very good. So I decided to go outside which I had not been able to for weeks. I walked down my driveway and back. Felt i had enough energy to keep going. So i walked around car a few times. Now when I got into bed, I felt really weak and tired. I woke up next day. Really bad pain in lower back. Especially in my middle where i had felt like I slipped it year before. So I feeling really down and out right now. I am developing anxiety due to having to stay in bed all day. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't even walk outside for 5 mins without reinjuring myself. All i want is to start moving, streaching, anything to help. But my back won't even let me! I am a Positive Person. But this is breaking me, mentally and physically. I need HELP. Please any words or advice. Thank You so much for reading.



  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Has a neurosurgeon or neurologist reviewed your MRI or just the radiologist, PCP and worker’s comp doctor? 

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