MRI lower back

Have any other Members had these issues and how has it affected them in their short and long term lives

At the l5 s1 level there is quite marked intervertebral disc space narrowing. There is a large left paracentral and central disc bulge. This measures 8mm anteroposterior. This is contacting and displacing the traversing left s1 nerve root

And is contributing to moderate to severe left-sided exit foraminal stenosis, likely impinging upon the exiting left l5 nerve root also. There is moderate bilateral facet joint degenerative change at this level. There is mild right-side exit 

Stenosis only at this level. At the l4-5 level there is minimal intervertebral disc space narrowing disc desiccation. There is mild bilateral facet joint degenerative change. There is no significant disc bulge, there is no further significant disc bulge,

Spinal exit foraminal stenosis at any level. 

 Impression large left paracentral and Central disc bulge at L5 -s1, contacting and displacing the traversing left s1 nerve root, Contacting the exiting left L5 nerve root and contributing to moderate to

 Moderate to severe left side exit foraminal stenosis at this level.



  • In the long term, i had a few things done

    Nerve ablation, where the doc made the nerves affecting my neck and shoulders not so sensitive..thats been since 2005 or so.

    Had steroid shots, toradol and others in my lower back but they were short acting...that was my L5-S1 area..L4 right above my tailbone,is also compressed but managable pain wise.

    My discs also bulge at my tail bone but mine is squashing the nerve a little on both sides,so i do get the pain,pins,needles, fire down both legs a bit when i stand too long.

    My cause is mostly being hard on my back too heavy lifting, the accident-s, and just plain old worn out.

    Ask the doc what treatments he suggests, the physical therapist helped me be mindfull of my walk.. and to stop being the one,who does it all.

    At this stage i can still walk around a bit, but can only stand or sit for 30 min or less before it starts to get bad..

    I am blessed with a pretty non physical job...i do have to choose my battles by weighing the consequenses of how bad its gonna hurt.

    The worst part is ime pretty much too high a risk injury wise to be employed in many places.

    As for the future? Sky is the,limit...this has not been an easy road..but set my mind to it and things get done

    I learned to work smart...ugh finally than work hard and not afraid to change directions in life.

    I had to leave a 20 year job..but now i do what i want as a photographer and other things while preserving my back for the long run.

    Lets see what doc says and work from there first

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