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My father has Herniated Disc L4-L5 - What can I do to help him?


I'm kind of hopeless now and hopefully someone can help or suggest what to do.

My father is suffering from back pain for years already from lifting heavy stuff without correct posture.

In the past 7 months his pain got much worst, he was he was hospitalized, 

He did MRI and they found that he has herniated Disc L4-L5, and his left leg has pains too.

He tried everything from : 

steroids, Cortisone injection, Epidural injection, physiotherapy, Chiropractor, and started to walk 3 km every morning since 2 months ago.

Currently he's taking pills called lyrica and nothing doesn't help... I'm 18 old and see my father suffering like that is killing me from inside.

I don't know what his options and I feel like the doctors in my country doesn't know what to do.. I wonder if anyone have an idea or had same experience, He's willing to travel oversea just to find a cure for that pain, if there's a specific surgery you suggest or have been go through please let me know the name so I can find information about it on the internet.

The last thing we want to do is a surgery, although if there's no choice of course we will go through this route, but if there's any hope to relief in his pain or any "Best" doctor we can concult with, I will appreciate that so much.

Thank a lot, I will appreciate any comment, I really do and believe there's something to do with his pain and I won't stop until I can find a solution for him.



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  • MarWinMarWin OhioPosts: 656

    I didn't see muscle balance therapy, nor posture alignment therapy in your list. Probably haven't done everything.....

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