Prialt adverse effects

Has anyone suffered any adverse effects from the use of Prialt? I was on it for 7 years. In the beginning I had visual, oral and auditory hallucinations. I made my doctor aware of it and he simply added Clonidine to help alleviate the problem. The visual hallucinations stopped but the oral and auditory hallucinations continued the whole time I was on the drug. Eventually he added Bupivacaine to help with the burning in my legs and Dilaudid for additional pain due to the fact that I was almost maxed out on Prialt at 16.5 mcg daily. The last year that I was on Prialt my mental state started to change. I became a person that no one recognized. I began to drink alcohol, gamble, get involved in an online emotional affair, gave up on working and paying the bills. My wife divorced me after 36 years of marriage and I hit absolute rock bottom. Due to the loss of my insurance I could no longer afford the Prialt. I was told that if they removed it from my pump I would have a lot more pain. It was taken out in December of 2017. I still receive Dilaudid, Bupivacaine and Clonidine. My pain actually lessened. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I have a new job, have been seeing my ex-wife and hope that the damage can be repaired between us. Any others out there with a similar story?



  • Prialt has a lengthy history of causing the adverse effects in some you posted about. If you do a Google or internet search, you will find many instances of those cases.

    I hope you can work things out with your wife. 

  • Did you report those side effects to the FDA?  If not, I'd encourage you to do so.  One of the only ways to get a medication back in the spotlight and open some eyes about it is to file an adverse reaction report with the FDA.  After they get enough reports, they can require additional research.  I'm sorry it caused so many issues!

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  • Is there anyone that suffered adverse effects from Prialt? If so, could you give me specifics? I am very interested to find out if there are any others that think it affected their mental state and if so specifically how it affected you.

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