Pain management for a thoracic arachnoid cyst

hi everyone- I just learned I have a thoracic arachnoid cyst from T3-T8, with cord compression at T4. I’ve been in pain for years and symptoms are progressing pretty rapidly over the last year. I’m 36, female, I have rib pain with direct pressure, burning sensation and pressure in my mid-back, electric shock feeling spasms that jolt my torso, leg weakness on the fronts of my legs (quads and groin pain). Over the past several years (before Dx) I have consistently done massage, PT, Chiro, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, exercise to help manage pain and my sanity. I’ve become pretty depressed as I used to do Crossfit 3x a week, run and do any and all physical activity I could. I do take medications, but nothing is really helping. I would like to know what other no -surgical treatments others have found helpful and medications (preferably non-opioid). I have found that trunk rotation movements are causing more spasms. I hope to hear from you all!! I would also like to know if surgery has helped you. Mine is too large to remove the whole cyst, which is one of the many reasons I’m holding off on surgery. Thanks in advance!



  • Massage and lots of meditation.... Those and a fentanyl patch are what worked for me. But they weren't enough, and so I had surgery. A very fine balance. I'm so sorry.

    (42 yo female; had been very active - walked 4,500 mile length of Chile from 2000-2001; dx in 2004, 1st surgery in 2007; husband left me for a healthy woman after that; 2nd surgery 2009, 3rd in September 2017)

  • Thanks Nina- can you tell me more about how you are doing now after your 3rd surgery? How big was your cyst? 

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