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Hello-I'm new here.I registered a few days ago and have been reading the posts

RobinRRobin Posts: 1,583
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in New Member Introductions
I feel a little lame... :/ .So many posts that I read sound like my Dr talks and I feel now as if I don't know near enough about my own issues.
First of all let me say that it was good to find this place and read others experiences-I don't feel so unique in my own now,it's a good feeling knowing I'm not alone in this.
I've had chronic pain for many years,and been through many operations,but they were almost all on my feet.These neck and back problems are totally different.Sitting down doesn't help much,and a good nights sleep is a memory.
I was referred to PM,or rather a pain center for PM by my PCP and had my first appt. in Nov. 07, because she felt that she could not manage my pain,she told me that my pain required more than she could give me in her office.I still see her of course,but I see the PM Dr for pain meds,injections,MRI's and other things that she does not do in her office.
I've had several injections in my neck,none of them worked and one in my hip,which worked great for about 6 weeks.These are to treat DDD.
About 3 days after my last injection(neck)my shoulder started hurting really bad.I dislocated it several times and it hurt almost,not quite,but almost that bad.Now the muscles in my arm are jumping and my hand is tingling.I'm seeing a surgeon on the 26th for that,but I'm thinking that the Dr might have nicked something during the injection? I told him about this on Tuesday,but all he had to say was "yes,definitely go see the surgeon" :S
I'm going to get more familiar with the board and read more posts.There are a LOT of them to read,and I have the time.I'm on disability and I stay home most of the time.Currently I don't post on any other forums,but I love to read.I've learned so much from reading some of your posts,and some of the things I didn't understand I searched.I still have much to learn..
..Thanks to any who took the time to read what I had to say~Robin♥


  • Welcome to spine-health....
  • You will learn alot by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page such as conditions and treatments. I will look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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  • :) hi and welcome to the forum! we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. i hope you find the comfort you need here! i don't sleep much myself and hope to see you around the forum. good luck in your search for pain relief! Jenny :)
  • Thanks for the welcome.
    After looking around more I'm starting to think that this problem in my shoulder has nothing to do with my past problems,but more likely may be coming from the pain in my seemed strange to me that the pain in my neck should involve my shoulder,but it radiates from my neck down.I'm still not certain..though I've read so many articles that sound just like what I feel..all related to cervicle ddd.

    I've read others posting about it as well,so obviously this is not uncommon?
    I see an ortho surgeon 8/26th,any tips on how I should question him? I've only met him once before.I was referred to him by my PCP but I have no desire to have surgery.
  • I was also surprised that shoulder/arm/pain could come from your neck. I think it's called referred pain. Good luck!--Mazy
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  • Welcome to Spine Health.

    I would write down a list of all of your symptoms, no matter if you think they are related to each other or make sense. I would draw a diagram of where your pain is and also try to distingusih what type of pain it is. Burning, shooting, stabbling, aching ... that sort of thing. Also write down a list of the meds you are currently taking and a list of what you've taken in the past. Make a note of which ones have helped and which ones have not.

    That way the doctor can be the doctor and ask all the questions first. Then once he's done and says "Robin, do you have and questions for me?" That's when you hit him with any questions that are on your mind or list.

    Best of luck at your appt.

  • Thanks Mazy,and "C'.
    I don't think this is referred pain because the muscles are bunched up in my bicep and tricep and my fingers are tingling.It might just be a pinched nerve,but because this is the same shoulder I had dislocated and this started so soon after an injection in my neck,it's causing more confusion.
    C,I will wait for the Dr to do his thing before I ask any questions.I really just thought someone might have an idea of a specific question because of their own experiences.
    Thanks for the advice on the list of symptoms.I will do that,it will save time trying to explain in the office.
    So many times I feel like Drs are in a hurry..not so much with their words,but the way they stand,put their hand on the doorknob,etc.,I can feel that they are trying to rush me and I get nervous,try to hurry things along and forget half of what I wanted to say... :T
  • That's why writing things down helps so much. I hand the doc my list and it gives him the chance to slow down from the hustle and bustle of his day. Allows him to get through what would normally take most of the appointment. Also gives him an idea of where to start the exam and a direction to head in.

    There really are no good questions from us, they need to be the ones in your mind that are bugging you.

    Good luck

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