Generic Opana

Hi everyone,

I recently heard that even though opana was taken off the market there is a generic available.  Is anyone on it and how does it work?

Also is it abuse deterrent?  My doctor won’t prescribe any long acting meds that aren’t.

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  • Got it L4_L5... :)

    Yes, there is a generic available, however it is not abuse deterrent. I am on it, and it works pretty well, lasts the 12 hours,  and keeps an overall good handle on my normal pain levels.

    Global pharmaceuticals makes it-oxymorphone ER

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  • There is and as stated it is not adf and at this point in time also EXTREMELY hard to find.    Great medication and I have been taking both the er and ir versions for a few years but lately finding it in the quantities  my script calls for is becoming a challenge.I really don not want to switch meds again but the Doc is leaning towards fentanyl which I don't want.  Appt in 2 weeks so we shall see,,,

  • My pharmacy has no issue ordering it for me. Despite all the reports of it not being available, or taken off the market, I haven't had an issue getting mine filled at all.

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