Flare-up questions


Without any rhyme or reason, my lower back scoliosis goes out.

Sometimes, it’s for a day or two and others, as with this latest flare-up, longer and much more painful to stand.

My only comfort is in laying on left side as the right side of lower torso screams otherwise.

What causes these outbreaks and are there ways to avoid them?

Thanks in advance.




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  • I sometimes get more pain relief from Flexeril than pain medicine. The benefits of muscle relaxers cannot be overstated IMO.

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  • WLLadyWLLady Ontario CanadaPosts: 844

    flare ups for me can be muscles or nerves or before my surgery moving wrong....most of the pain is from my muscles and yes-i totally agree that relaxing those muscles helps immensely. however a lot of my longer term pain was nerves and it waxed and waned with weather and its really important to find out where your pain is coming from and then address that issue.  

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