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How much time do you spend each day doing PT- female problem

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:22 AM in Exercise and Rehab
I've been doing about 1 1/2 hours of PT at home every day. That includes walking for a half hour or a mile whichever comes first depending on how fast I walk and exercise ball and band. I've been waking outside but I've had to stop doing that because I keep getting a yeast infection. So I started using my treadmill so I am cooler.

I've used Monistat 7 twice now so that's 14 days of that and today I just got a Diflucan from the doctor. I'm afraid that all of this working out and sweating is causing problems and I'll have to cut back until it gets cooler outside. I wanted to join a gym and lift weights also but this constant problem that keeps coming back is preventing me from doing that. Has anyone else had this problem from working out and sweating? I've never had this problem before where it keeps coming back but I've also never worked out for an hour and a half every day. Usually in the past it's been 3x a week. I want to be able to work out every day but these yeast infections constantly are really ruining that. So frustrating. X(


  • :) hi! are you wearing cotton undies? have you tried changing them more often and using pads? :W i change after my walk because i get so hot and sweaty but i have never had your problem. good luck and keep us informed. Jenny :)
  • As Lulu said, the first step is cotton underwear. The next step is to get away from wearing things like yoga pants and wear loose fitting jogging shorts. DO NOT wear the jogging shorts that have the liner! If you go to the gym, take a shower and change clothes as soon as you're done. If you are at home, do the same. Whatever you do, don't stay in the clothes long enough to allow them to dry. Another thing is to make sure and keep things trimmed short. Don't have to shave, but trimmed is a must. No powder ... it will give the yeast a place to "hang on to" and hose you again.

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  • Thank you for all of the great ideas.

    I have been doing all of that plus more. I shower right after I exercise and even use a blow dryer down there on a cool setting to make sure it's all good and dry. That info came from my doctors office years ago. Then I put dry cotton underwear on. I've been wearing loose shorts also. It does take me an hour and a half to walk and do my ball and band exercises. Maybe that's just too long to be sweating. I guess I'll see how the diflucan works and if I can keep doing my routine.

    There have been times when I'll get all done working out and then later that evening go for a long walk outside or a bike ride and it's been so hot and I get sweaty again. I always blow dry after that and put on dry cotton undies again. It did come back after my last bike ride outside in the heat. I never had this problem last year though. I could ride my bike outside for two hours and come home and shower and not get the dreaded yeast. I'll just see how it goes with the diflucan. I have a doctors appointment with my gyno and I think I'll keep it even if I get better so he can check to make sure it's not something else. I did have a hysterectomy 5 months ago. I bet that has something to do with it also. It just sucks because I have been fine until I started doing physical therapy and it's been a constant problem since then. :''(

  • Have you by chance had any change in your diet?
  • Well since my disc herniated again I have been avoiding processed sugar and eating a lot of fruits and veggies. I was thinking today maybe all of the bananas and tomatoes and oranges/orange juice I have been eating are causing problems. I've been trying to avoid foods that cause inflammation and I do notice a difference in pain when I avoid processed sugar but maybe too much fruit could be causing a problem?
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  • :) what about your thyroid? it is a long shot but something i might ask for. you are doing everything right. =D> the best of luck to you. i would hate for you to have to change your exercise routine. Jenny :)
  • One thing that will hose you is sugar, whether processed or not. Higher concentrations of sugar in urine, give yeast something to feast upon.

    Fruit and orange juice are full of sugar.

    Hmm... I wonder if this could be contributing.

  • This may not have anything to do with it. Do you have a partner? In some cases males can carry the infection with no symptoms, and keep passing it back to the female. It's really simple to treat the male if this is the case.
  • That's a good idea too I'll have to check into my thyroid. My hair has been falling out more then normal too but that's been going on for a few years. I should have that checked.

    It really could be all of the fruit. The first thing I have when I get up is a banana with some tea and I work out. Bananas have the highest sugar of any fruit don't they. Then in the evening I snack on homemade tomato salsa or peach salsa and oranges. I'm going to stop with all of the fruit and see if that helps. Today I had eggs and whole grain toast for breakfast. I take a multi vitamin so I should be OK with cutting out fruit for a little while. It's probably OK to have some but I've been eating more then fruit then I ever really have.

    I've thought about if my husband could be passing it right back to me. What's the treatment for a guy?
  • Today I went and bought two skirts. Sort of a sweat pant material. I got them at the sporting goods store. I'm not normally into skirts but I need the air flow. I figure cotton underwear and a skirt would keep things dryer. Still waiting for the diflucan to start working though. It's been 2 days. The nurse told me to call if it doesn't get better in 5 days.
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