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How much time do you spend each day doing PT- female problem



  • When it worked for me it usually took about 3 days to start making much of a difference.
  • Do/can you eat yogurt? Make sure it has live active cultures and it will help with that problem. I hope you can get it taken care of it's no fun.
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  • I've started taking acidophilus capsules several times a day. Things are improving but I'm still having symptoms. I've started exercising again but only in my house where I can stay cooler. I just walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes in my basement and stayed cool. I'm going to walk some more later tonight after the sun goes down. I also started doing my ball and band exercises at night when it's cool and I space them out so I don't get hot.

    Sucks though I'd like to just do them all at once and get it over with. Maybe once I get this problem under control I will be able to work out once a day all at once. Just no more walks outside in the heat. I might go out walking tonight when it gets cool outside. At least down to 70 degrees. I tell ya I am looking forward to fall and cool weather.

    I'm going to keep my doctors appointment with my gyno to have them do some tests. I'm also having problems with feeling like I have to pee constantly. My appointment is a week away though.
  • If it gets bad, don't wait until your appt to get help. If you are developing a UTI on top of everything, then you definitely need some assistance.

    So the Diflucan did absolutely nothing?
  • The Diflucan is helping but I can still feel it is there but not near as bad. I'm thinking I should go to Urgent care tomorrow or call my GP to see if they can see me in the next couple days. I'll decide tomorrow by how I am feeling.
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  • Well I have an appointment tomorrow at 2:40 with a PA. At least she can run some tests to see what's going on. It's not the same clinic I normally go to and I've never seen this person before but at least I can get in and they can do some tests. When they do a test for a UTI do I have to hold my urine for a certain amount of time before? I bought some of those AZO UTI test strips and it says to hold it for 4 hours which was impossible. So the test probably wasn't accurate.
  • your sugar intake should not be causing a problem if your body can use it normally. do you have urinary frequency, a thirst for water? the reason i say this is usually the only time you excrete sugar in your urine is when you are diabetic and your kidneys excrete the excess sugar in a hope to stabilise your blood sugar levels??? just a thought, dont mean to freak you out,
  • As far as holding it, it has never been an issue for me when being tested for a UTI. I'm really glad that you got the appointment!

  • Don't worry you didn't freak me out. I had all of my blood tests before my hysterectomy and I don't have diabetes. My blood sugar levels were really good. I'm not really thirsty. I just feel like I have to pee a lot though.

    It's probably all of the sweating from PT. It wouldn't be the first time sweating in the summer has caused a yeast infection. It's been a few years though.

    Well the tests didn't show anything wrong. She did notice the yeast infection type discharge so she prescribed two more diflucan pills. She said usually she prescribes two of them as it can take two to completely get rid of the infection. The test didn't show a yeast problem though. My symptoms did improve some so hopefully this will do the trick. Then they are also doing a urine culture and I'll find out the results on that Friday.
  • They called me with the results today and I do not have a bladder infection. I'm still having some burning feeling. The thing that is bothering me the most is feeling like I have to urinate all of the time. My PT was telling me that a pinched nerve can cause that. The plan is to go to my gyno next week and give him my symptoms and see what he says. Then if they rule out everything I'm going to see my spine surgeon again and see if it could be that causing the urinating problem. I may even go to my GP if this keeps up and have her do some tests to make sure my kidneys are OK and test for diabetes specifically. I can't stand this peeing all of the time. I hardly sleep at night. I'm up constantly.

    My PT said there are exercises specifically for this. I could be having a problem with a weak pelvic floor muscle from my back injury. She would refer me to a place that specializes in this if I want.
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